Monday, 23 August, 2010

Posted by Mandee on August 22, 2010   |   19 Comments

In teams of 3, for time:
Accumulate 5 total minutes of L-sit as a team: rotating through each athlete without skipping a turn for as many turns as it takes to reach 5 minutes. The number of turns is now the number of rope climbs your team must now complete as a team. All athletes must climb the rope at least once for their team.

Post team, number of climbs, and total time to comments.

“Next Years Champ?” with Brandon Phillips at the 2010 CrossFit Games – video [wmv] [mov]

“No More Gym?…Your muscles remember” (this post is really just to make me feel better 🙂

19 responses to “Monday, 23 August, 2010”

  1. Tasha W says:

    This picture is AWESOME for SOOOO many reasons! My top three:

    1. Tracey – you are super cute and you crack me up! I love how happy you are and how ready you are to pose right up front after a long WOD! Love it.
    2. The girls look more sweaty than the guys.
    3. One of these things is not like the other. This just solidifies the fact that I would not want to meet Cole in an alley…. EVER! Beast!

    I heart CF peeps!

  2. Russell says:

    Weekend update-
    Did Nate on Thursday- 19+4 (I think a round or two under PR?)
    Did death-by-10m today. 16+15. Decided to go 100% right out of the gate. OUCH. Plan on gaming this a bit and not wearing converse next time.

    I’m back on mainsite with everyone else as of Tuesday!

  3. Aaron says:


  4. Kyle Mosier says:

    Kyle, Karen, and Mike – Completed L-sits in 9 turns, finished WOD in 9:58

  5. Emily D. says:

    Cocktail hour at the gym? hmmmmm


    So when do our kegs roll into the new building? 🙂

  6. klowe says:

    Cool article about muscle memory.

    That definitely explains my before/after picture and the relative short amount of time that transformation occurred. I had been into weights and training all through middle school – grad school in college. Big into bodybuilding and strength in college. Quit training for 3-4 years and got fat and pudgy. Started Crossfit and then back to the old self quickly.

    I get somewhat defensive about that before/after pic and the time domain due the the amount of comments eluding to steroid use. Never have / never will.

    • Russell says:

      really? I hadn’t heard that one. I would wager that anyone saying you must have taken steroids is just touchy about their own inability to get results. Rather than looking at what their lifestyle and workout routine lacks, they choose to think you must somehow be “Breaking the rules” or “cheating”. I’ve seen some people go down this psychological rabbit hole so far they convinced themselves that being obese during pregnancy was “Healthy” and anyone who maintained a healthy weight was reckless and starving their baby. Same thing.

    • Russell says:

      Now if you suddenly start beating guys like Rich Froning at workouts and then get drafted for the NFL we might have to have a talk.

    • Robert S. says:

      We’ve talked about this a couple of times. I showed someone Kevin’s before/after pic to promote the benefits of CF. Their response was “if I were a vet, I would be tha big too.”


      But seriously, can I get some of that stuff Kevin?

  7. Aaron says:

    Definitely cool article on muscle memory.

    I thought it was an interesting note about steriod use and muscle nuclei development. If that’s true, then it only seems fair that if a pro athlete is busted for juicing, he/she should receive an immediate expulsion and life time ban from all sports.

  8. Mandee Miller says:

    with Carol,
    L-sits took 11 intervals, completed WOD in 16:37

  9. Aaron says:

    …so I’m curious…are those two mystery pallets by the west bay doors 2 Model E’s? (fingers crossed)

    • Robert S. says:

      Dude, one of the gyms on base has a model E. It is the shizzle!

    • Aaron says:

      Not that it’s going to drastically improve my rowing but the Model E sounds pretty cool, especially the added seat height and that the PM4 battery pack is recharged while rowing. The spec sheet also says they are shipped in 2 boxes, and the 2 pallets each have 2 boxes on them. I’m just wondering because I’ve noticed a couple or three new items around the gym.

  10. Craig Herr says:

    I am 100% certain Kevin Lowe has never taken steroids. I can tell you that I once saw him drink about 15 mixed drinks and eat “for time” at least 21/15/9 chocolate chip cookies at our Sunday School Christmas Party. In his defense he did puke them all out the window while his wife drove over Cecil Ashburn so did he really eat them? It was a classic.

  11. Katie says:

    Fun programming today…minus the ankle blisters… :)…

  12. Patrick says:

    Jeff/Patrick 8:46 Modified for 2 man teams: 3 min L sits, 8 rope ascents

  13. Russell says:

    Hey guys,
    we will be having a free POSE clinic this weekend. I’ll be teaching it with the use of the flip video camera and computer so we can get some good video-feedback of everyone’s running technique. The class will be 1 hour long and cover all of the basics as well as some advanced techniques. If you want to come please go to the MindBody site and find the “seminars” tab, you will be able to sign up for it there!


  14. Tasha W says:

    Brad, Lindsey, and I. 15:35, 21 rounds. Thanks to them for partnering with the super preggo girl!