Monday, 23 Nov, 2009

Posted by Mandee on November 23, 2009   |   18 Comments

Rest day


400m run
30 pull-ups
30 Wall-ball shots with a 20 pound ball

Four rounds

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18 responses to “Monday, 23 Nov, 2009”

  1. Patrick says:


  2. Larry Lowe says:

    shocking that Russell was on the 1st place team. Looked like a punishing workout.

  3. Craig Herr says:

    Huntsville respresenting again.

    First Joe C wins the wounded warrior run.

    Kevin pukes and wins the Krispy Creme run.

    Now Russel wins this.

  4. Mandee Miller says:

    Run 400m, 5 DL, 21 HSPU
    Run 800m, 7 DL, 15 HSPU
    Run 400m, 9 DL, 9 HSPU
    23:00 as rx’d (185#)

  5. Aaron says:

    good wod to flush the lactic acid out of the legs

  6. Zak says:

    5×3 Front Squat

    3 rounds for time:

    1 Full Gasser
    12 Power Cleans 185 lbs
    6 Push Jerks 185 lbs


  7. Garth says:

    Did yesterday’s squat + burpee workout
    5 + 32 (165#). It is not every day that I beat Kevin, but I am pretty happy with this one. Put together two things I do well, and I will enjoy it for a few hours. It is amazing what a good night’s sleep can do. Since I do not get that often but did last night, I need to keep note of what I can do when I do.

    Nice work on the WOD, Russell. From what I have seen Dave Castro does not seem to match his CF knowledge with performance, so I am guessing you had to make up for him some. Not surprised in the least that you succeeded.

  8. Russell says:

    He’s a good athlete. He matched me on most of the exercises and we just kept up a fast pace throughout.

  9. Russell says:

    Forrest won the workout from the first day. That’s a picture of him doing it.

  10. J.D. says:

    29:12 as Rx’d. This sucked. I had almost forgotten how much I hate wall ball shots. This one left me absolutely sucking wind on the floor. Thanks to Aaron and Russell for the kick in the…errr… “encouragement”.

    And how appropriate that the video says “sicfit”. And no suprise that Russell’s team won. Great job! I almost threw up just watching OTHER people work that hard!

  11. Kerri says:

    Hey, here’s a link for some ‘hotel workouts’ when you don’t have access to any equipment. Katy, I know sometimes you can’t always do the WOD, based on your unfortunate situation of being in Hawaii every other month….
    So, I thought about you when I happened across this.


    Glad to be back home!

    • dunnbball says:

      Haha… it is very unfortunate that I’m on the road so much, but lucky for me, this trip I’m on Oahu and there is a Crossfit! They don’t necessarily do the main site WOD’s, but I still got a good workout in today! 🙂

  12. Krista says:

    I dont even know if you call what I did tonight, a workout.
    I showed up late so did the warm up on my own, then attempted the
    400m run
    30 pull ups
    30 wall ball shots
    4 rounds
    I made it to 10 real pull ups on first round, then switched to jumping.
    On the first round of wall ball shots, I was going too low and I was favoring one arm over the other. I started with 14# ball, then dropped to 10# ball.
    On the second round of pull ups, I got a huge knot in my right neck/shoulder area. I was in so much pain.
    On the second round of wall ball shots, Russell told me to drop the weight again to a 8# ball, then he actually told me stop.
    I’ve taken an advil, soaked in the hot tub, and made an appointment for a massage in the morning.

  13. dunnbball says:

    In 19:17, 10 rounds for time of:
    8 HSPU’s
    6 Deadlifts @ 135 lbs
    4 Broad jumps