Monday, 25 Apr, 2011

Posted by Mandee on April 24, 2011   |   23 Comments


3 x20 Reverse hyperextensions

3 x 15 GHD sit-ups


Box Squat


WEEK TWO of the Team Nutrition Challenge- What was your over-all team score for week one? Any surprises? Remember that team captains need to give these scores to Robert ASAP so he can post them on the whiteboard!


23 responses to “Monday, 25 Apr, 2011”

  1. Larry says:

    Did WOD from Friday at home

    3 rounds:
    100m run
    50 pushpus
    50 situps
    50 squats
    50 good mornings with PVC

    chest is sore from 11.5. I guess the ttb are responsible.

  2. Tye says:

    Made up my own today.

    5 Rnds: 50 DU’s, 5 MU’s 8:58 rx’d

    Anyway I could do 11.6 in the morning? I’d like to separate it and Fran this weekend for the level 1 as much as possible.

  3. Emily D. says:

    I took my wedding band off at the gym and set it down somewhere….I think it was back where the weights are stacked.

    If anyone finds it please put it in the office for me.


  4. Matthew says:

    I found a ring by the weight stands this morning. after 6 class. I gave it to Jake to put in the office

  5. Robert S. says:

    Reebok and CF is getting big fast. Reebok is now the title sponsor of the Garage Games series. All volunteers will be outfitted with Reebok gear, and the winner of the series gets a 1 year contract with Reebok. Interesting.

  6. Tye says:

    11.6 93 reps RX’d, 3 thrusters into the round of 18. This wasn’t half as bad as I expected it to be because I fatigued so quickly on the CTB pullups. I’ll redo it on Thursday, as I think it’ll be the WOD for everyone that day, with that being the next rest day. Goal will be 108 reps, I’d like to finish the 18 round of thrusters.

    • KLowe says:

      That sounds like a pretty solid score. I was going to try this one today but my 11.5 attempt two soreness / exhaustion just hit with a vengeance.

      Wednesday it will be.

  7. Ben Jarrell says:

    Is the games open happening this week? Its not showing up on the scheduler.

    • Ben,

      Yes we are still having the same Open schedule this week. Originally when we set up our schedule in Mind Body it was for 6 weeks but as everyone knows, WOD 11.1 and the entire open has been an extended a week so we just haven’t had a chance to change it just yet.

  8. Robert S. says:

    165# with a 12″ box and two 15# plates (just below parallel)

    Then 7×2 sumo deadlift at 225. Keeping sets at 4-5 seconds and 25 seconds rest between each one.

  9. Carson says:

    Managed to get through a couple of sets of 2 box squats at 55#. This is the first time I’ve been able to go controlled all the way down to just below parallel with weight for successful box squats.

    After 11.5 and all the wall ball shots, my legs would now like some time away from anything involving a squat. With 11.6 involving thrusters…I don’t think I’m gonna get my wish!

  10. Russell says:

    pulled 415 from a deficit with about 40 pounds of chain… not sure on deficit height… the bar was sitting on the top of my foot by the shin at the start of the pull so probably 5″ of horse mats under my feet. Pulled 505 from the rack from knees to lockout right before this. Hand-skin said to stop on the rack pulls.

  11. Will Blankenship says:

    165# 12″ box with a stack of plates… 15-10-10

    Groin flexibility always holds me up on this. I went about 20# heavier last time, but I think my consistency was a little better this time.

  12. Russell says:

    oh yeah, did the 10AM Yoga class about an hour prior to the DL workout because I was feeling so unpleasant from 11.5… glad I did that. I wouldn’t have been able to get down to a deficit to pick up that bar had Katherine not taken me through some good Yoga stuff.

  13. Karen says:

    95lbs. Working on getting the form right. Still feels awkward and slow but that’s probably because box squats work really weak parts of me.

  14. Rich C. says:

    105lbs with a 12″ box and 2-15lb plates

  15. Ron Wood says:

    Yoga class was awesome after 7 hours of driving – thanks Katherine!

  16. I finally got to make it to a yoga class tonight and it didn’t disappoint, thanks Katherine!

  17. stacey says:

    worked up to 100#, box squats are hard…

    great pic!!

  18. Eric Hedges says:

    Box squats very awkward, went to 165# with two 15 lbs plates on top of the box and crap for form!