Monday, 26 July, 2010

Posted by Mandee on July 25, 2010   |   20 Comments

From back in the day:

45 pound push-press, 50 reps
Air squat, 75 reps
100 Burpees
Air squat, 75 reps
45 pound push-press, 50 reps

(feet must leave ground at top of the air squat, and burpees must end with an audible clap overhead)

Compare to 29 April, 2008

Kevin Lowe : 24:20, Katherine Berger (pregnant): 28:00, Howard Miller: 45:20.

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20 responses to “Monday, 26 July, 2010”

  1. klowe says:

    Good ol’ “meltdown”….I’ll let yall figure out why it is named that.

    GREAT WOD! I think it is worthy of a mainsite WOD.

  2. Larry Lowe says:

    when are you going to break out the Black Lung again?

  3. tracey says:

    Photo by me:) ahhhhh! rest day for me. ENJOY.

  4. Larry Lowe says:

    20:33 rx. I still degenerate into a knee slide instead of hip bend when I get tired. Last set of push press were with very little hip drive. Back was tight. Need some suggested back flexibiity stretches. Suggestions?

  5. Tye says:

    19:26 RX’d, felt something in my lower right back ribcage about midway through the first 75 air squats, stayed with me through the remainder and still a little tight. Not sure what I did, probably from shooting my bow too much over the weekend. Any suggested stretches? The only thing that seems to work is putting my right arm over my head and bending to the left trying to stretch that region out.

    I’m off to Ft. Rucker this afternoon so I’ll hopefully see y’all again Thursday afternoon.

  6. Aaron says:

    18:28 as rx’d

    Came very close to staying in bed this morning…something about 100 burpees at 6am that screams “stay in bed dummy, Sportscenter is on”. Glad I didn’t, great intensity from everyone this morning. The tweaks to the squats and burpees definitely ratchet this wod up a notch.

  7. Robert S. says:

    20:27 as rx’d

    I have never come so close to meeting pukey during a WOD. Burpees made me want to hurl.

  8. Patrick says:

    Rx’d 18:58

  9. Kyle Mosier says:

    15:44 scaled to 60 burpees, I probably could have done it Rx and should have.

  10. LeshaS says:

    19:07 as rx. Originally planned to scale with just 50 burpees since they are such a weakness, but saw the time after completing 50 and decided to keep going. Really!

  11. Tasha W says:

    Lesha, you’re funny! 50 PP’s, 35 squats, 50 box burpees, 35 squats, 50 PP’s – 12:41.

  12. Ron Wood says:

    17:26 scaled to 50 burpees – should’ve done the 100.

  13. Naveen says:

    I did a games-inspired partner wod at San Francisco CrossFit (deadlift, pistols, row, jerk), rested 20 minutes after class and then went for “meltdown”. Started off fine, hit the half-way mark around 11 minutes, but then burned out. Final time was 27:54.

  14. Kerri says:

    First 50 PP unbroken, last ones I think I got 25/25.

    Darn those burpees in the middle! They were killer-DEF where the Meltdown occurred for me!

  15. Daniel says:

    23:06 but 1st set of push press was 45# dumbbell (90#) push press. I was confused. Great WOD though.

    How’s the west coast Naveen?

  16. Jake Naumcheff says:


  17. Josh Kennedy says:

    Scaled to 25/50/75/50/25 in 17:48.

    Logging miles Tues and Wed, back at CF-HSV on Thurs for continued but “constantly varied” beatings….

  18. Katie says:

    20:22 as rx’d.