Monday, 6 August, 2012

Posted by Mandee on August 5, 2012   |   25 Comments


200 Meter row

200 Meter run




Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
50 Back Extensions
50 Sit-ups

Post time to comments.


A. Squat Clean 1.1.1. x 4 sets; Rest 3:00

B1. Front Squat 4 x 4-5 reps @30×0; Rest 2:00

B2. Muscle-ups 4 x AMRAP; Rest 2:00

C. Glute Ham Raises 4 x 10-15 reps; Rest 1:00


“Big Monkey vs. Little Monkey” withย Ben Oliverย – video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov]

25 responses to “Monday, 6 August, 2012”

  1. Mandee says:

    Yeah Bryan!!!! You were working hard on CF Total! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. AP says:

    CFHSV Caption Contest, 3-2-1-GO!

  3. Bryan says:

    And that’s my happy face

  4. Dean M says:

    This pic is screaming for Slade to mess with haha!

  5. Patrick says:

    Other than the interesting facial expression, this picture demonstrates a teaching point for DL technique.
    First, 1RM attempts are supposed to look like shit. If your form is perfect… it wasn’t heavy enough. Plus, the back and knee angle in the DL are best observed from the side. So, the camera angle is suboptimal.
    Having said that, look at the knee angle of the 2 lifters. They are basically the same.
    Bryan appears to have completed knee extension before the bar has risen to or above the level of his knee. Which means hip extension is all he has left to complete the lift. in other words, this is the infamous “Stripper Deadlift”.
    Contrast with the lifter to the rear left side of frame. He has knee extension complete at a point where the bar is slightly above the knee. A far more efficient lift.

    • Tye says:

      And Bryan, bring those feet in, keep the stance to hip width and less unless your doing a sumo! This looks like a sumo/conventional hybrid with a wide grip.

  6. Eric says:

    Great lift Bryan thats heavy any way you look at it!

  7. OkieDB says:

    The lifter/animal in the back is the famous Matt Stowers. Pulling hard.

  8. Tasha W says:

    This is the best picture ever!!!

    If anyone is interested in a Buddy Lee Speed Rope, let me know & it’s yours for $30! I bought one with an extra rope, used it during a couple of classes and have decided it’s not for me. I know peeps who love that rope, but my DU’s are better with the AF wire rope. I used one of the ropes, but the extra rope is still in its packaging & the handles are basically brand new since they were only used 3-4 times. I hate for it to sit around if anyone else can use it & $30 is a steal for a brand new one if you’re wanting to try it. I’ll prob list it on ebay cause I know it’ll sell there, so if you want it shoot me an email at tashawiley@ymail.com

  9. Lucy says:

    Looking good Bryan! Love the pic!

  10. AP says:

    21:07 PR by 1 second

    Lower back was screaming at me after round 1, or should I say “going Bryan” on me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Team Heatwave Coach KJ says:

    I have raffle tix available to support Team Heatwave (Robert’s Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge Team). You could win 3day/2night stay in G’burg in a 1/2 bdrm cabin. $5/each!! Email me if you’re interested. kristisimmonsphoto@gmail.com


    • Robert S. says:

      Buying a raffle ticket = 40 Back Squat PR…. FACT

    • Team Heatwave Coach KJ says:

      I will be @ CFHSV this week: 4:30 on Tues/Wed/Thurs. Not sure of Robert’s schedule, but he has some w/him also.

  12. Jane says:

    23:27 rx’d- not a PR for me this am. Maybe the heat? Casey was flying! Great job, girlie!

  13. David M. says:

    21:53 4 second PR. I don’t think I was doing the back ext. correctly last time since I don’t remember not being able to walk on my way to the ab-mat previously.

  14. Josh Kennedy says:

    23:13 (PR). Had to abandon this WOD last time we did it (~Nov 2011), back too fried to run by round 3. David Mc was smooth pace the whole way in our 1630 class

  15. Nathaniel says:

    DNF – I finished the last 800 run at the 25 minute cut off