Monday, August 29 2022

Posted by Mandee on August 28, 2022   |   26 Comments



Split Snatch Build Up   E2MOM

8 – 6 – 6 – 4 – 4 – 2 – 1

CrossFit Games WOD 2012

3 Rounds For Time: (18min cap)
8 Split-Snatch (alt legs)   115/75lbs   MRX 95/65

7 Bar Muscle Ups   MRX Burpee Chest to Bar
400m Run

Core & Handstand Development

1min HandStand / High Plank Shoulder Taps

1min Max Evil Wheels
50′ Handstand Walk or Partner Wheelbarrel Walk

100m Double Kettlebell Bottoms Up Overhead Walk





Monday, September 5th:

We WILL have classes at:

7am, 815am, 915am, 1130am, and 1230pm as well as 1015am Open Gym

We will NOT have childcare today.  All other classes are canceled. 



26 responses to “Monday, August 29 2022”

  1. Nathaniel says:

    Oh my! Christa flying high and knocking out the difficult c2b. Christa is a trip and a treat. She’s always full of energy, humor, and conversation. Christa shows up with CrossFit business on her mind. She’s always paying attention to her form and technique with a heavy dose of effort too. Christa stays after class any day she can for extra drills, stretching or mobility work, and or encouragement and camaraderie with friends. Love the focus she brings day in and day out. Keep bringing it young lady! 😊

  2. Mandee says:

    Heck yeah! Christa thumping that chest and attacking those C2B with grit and determination. This lady is such a hard worker, and she proves it day in and day out. She’s got a steadfast focus on form and technique, but she is never lacking in intensity either. She never fails to stick around after class to work on weaknesses or learn new skills, and she is friendly and encouraging to everyone. Keep rocking, Christa! 😊

  3. Adela Faust says:

    Christa! Picture perfect as always. This lady is an awesome athlete, talented, humorous, and witty! Her hugs are the best!

  4. Christa Mader says:

    CrossFit Huntsville is my Haven! I am so grateful for the coaches, the programming, and especially the people!! I look forward to stepping through that big door every time I’m able. Im not always sure when I will be able to make my class or which friends will be joining me, but I know we will throw down and feel great before it’s over. Thank you for providing everything we need to build strength and community!

  5. Alex says:

    165 Split Snatch
    8:27 Rx

  6. Alex says:

    I love seeing Christa throw down! She is always encouraging those around her and digging deep when the clock starts.

  7. Hal says:

    A. 175

    B. 17:22 scaled life (BMU reps < attempts)

  8. Zach D says:

    Got my first few of bar muscle ups today after a few attempts! Thanks Misty and Nate for coaching me through it!

  9. Bo says:

    A: 135
    B: 16:22 rx

  10. Clair says:

    A. 80
    B. 17:07 scaled weight to 65#

  11. Jason Morgan says:

    A. 95-115-125-135-135-165(1-x)- 170
    B 14:16 Rx

  12. CJ VK says:

    12:05 rx

  13. Misty says:

    A. 100 (scaled to power)
    B. 16:30 (scaled BMU to 4)

  14. Misty says:

    Christa! Those C2B pull-ups are looking solid! This woman is ready to throw down the second she walks in the door. She has a perfect balance of focus and fun. She is always dialed in on her form and technique. She’s made big gains and it’s been fun to watch it happen. Christa is a great example of what happens when you create a solid foundation to build from. So glad to have Christa at CFHSV!

  15. Tyler Canoles says:

    135 split snatch
    13 flat RX

  16. Nathaniel says:

    A. 160

    B. 8:37 rx

  17. Bradley says:

    Thump that chest, Christa. Looking strong!!

    A. 75(8)-95(6)-115(6)-135(4)-145(4)-155(2)-165/175(1)

    B. 8:58 Rx

  18. Brandi says:

    Christa!!! Killing it on those C2B PULL-UPS per usual💪🏼

  19. Freeman says:


    8:05 Rx

  20. Mandee says:

    A. 120
    B. 9:50 rx

  21. Hunter Drinkard says:

    A) Training (115)
    B) 15:37 RX

  22. Lupo says:

    Mader slamming them c2b out! Always motivated and comes in the door to throw down every day and get better one step at a time! Keep getting getting after it!


    11:44 RX

  23. Bailey says:

    10:26 RX

    Christa! She is always ready to go when she walks in the door. She has a ton of energy and always encourages those around her. Keep up the awesome work Christa!