Monday, February 1 2016

Posted by Mandee on January 31, 2016   |   30 Comments

Big Nasti team




A. In 15 minutes, build up to a 20RM deadlift

B. 4 rounds for time of:

15 calorie row  RX+ 20 calorie row  (55 and over 10 calorie row)

10 deadlift  275/185  RX+ 315/215  (55 and over 225/155)

15 toes to bar   RX+ 20 toes to bar  (55 and over 10 toes to bar)


Congratulations to our CFHSV Team who placed second at The Big Nasti weightlifting competition this past Saturday! Together, they lifted a total of 3,225 pounds! Awesome work by all team members, and a special congratulations to the following athletes who won their respective lifts:

Kyle Otte: clean & jerk: cleared the ladder then successfully lifted 350#!

Heath Sharp: bench press: cleared the ladder, then successfully lifted 405#!

Jamie Flynt: deadlift: cleared the ladder, then successfully lifted 400#!

And a BIG THANK YOU to all those who came out to cheer on this strong team! CrossFit Huntsville always shows up to show their love and support for their fellow athletes!


Our February CF101 Course starts this Tuesday, February 2nd at 715pm!

30 responses to “Monday, February 1 2016”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Woohoo! So exciting to watch and every one of you guys did an amazing job!!

  2. Calvin says:

    Congrats to all of you. That is some HEAVY lifting!

  3. Tracy says:

    My friends are amazing 🙂

  4. Patty says:

    Congratulations to our AWESOME Crossfit Huntsville athletes. Way to represent and make us all so proud.

  5. Bradley says:

    Congratulations to all you studs.

  6. Naomi says:

    Way to represent!! So proud of you all! Congrats!

  7. Steve Price says:

    The CFHSV dream team , way to represent!

  8. George C says:

    That’s a bad-to-the-bone group right there!

  9. Devonne says:

    Congratulations Big Nasti athletes!! You all never fail to demonstrate to the rest of us how wonderful it is to be a part of this box. You do us PROUD!!

  10. Maude says:

    Awesome job!

  11. Flying J says:

    That’s Big Iron lifted by super people who encourage us to raise the bar everyday. Job Well Done!

  12. Kathy Shelton says:

    Wonderful group of people. Good looking, too! Congratulations.

  13. Andrew says:

    Everyone of those athlete’s fitness blows me away daily! That is a bunch of studs!

  14. Rob L says:

    I was so proud to be wearing my CFHSV shirt while cheering you guys on. Such a great group who all hold to the highest standard, both with a barbell in hand and in their attitudes in the gym. Congrats on your success!!

  15. Chelsey says:

    Awesome work, CFHSV! 😀

  16. Dani says:

    Love ya’ll! Was proud of the integrity you each demonstrated.

  17. Calvin says:

    B.3+30 RX+
    The 315# was no joke. Can’t wait to see what some of you studs can do it in.

  18. CoachDB says:

    So Awesome, So Inspiring, and a Testament to what good old consistent, hard yet smart training and effort can produce. You all emulate these winning ways in sport and life. Great Job!

    Deads 20rm = 275lbs

    WOD RX+ at 20cal, 315lbs, 20 T2B = 16:57

    1st rd = 3:36 Deads 6-4, T2B 6-6-4-4
    1st rd = 8:15 Deads 10 unbroken, T2B 6-6-4-4
    1st rd = 13:10 Deads 8-2, T2B 6-6-4-4
    1st rd = 16:57 Deads 10 unbroken, T2B 6-6-4-4

    Moved real slow, but starting to feel better after longer WODs again.

  19. Justin says:

    Great job on Saturday. Everyone did awesome, and it was fun to watch.

  20. Matt says:

    A: 230×20(PR)
    B: 3+34 (RX)

  21. Jeremy Millich says:

    Wonderful job this past Saturday CFHSV! It was so awesome to see each and everyone of you compete to the best of your abilities!

  22. jamie cherrypicker says:

    A. 200
    B. 14:46 scaled knees as high as possible

    It was an honor being on this team. Major thanks to the coaching staff and to the CFHSV community for the support.

  23. Tracy says:

    20 @ 205# PR
    21:18 rxd

  24. Steve Price says:

    A. 315 x 20

    B. 18:55 Rx @ 275, all D.L. Unbroken, all singles on TTB

  25. Kyle O says:

    A: 405 for 17
    B: 17:07 Rx+

    A big thanks to all of CFHSV for the amazing support! It was a pleasure to be on this team of super strong people. Thank you coaches and fellow athletes for all the kindness, encouragement, and for always pushing each of us to be “stronger than yesterday”

  26. Mimi says:

    A: 20@ 125#
    B: 20:57 scaled to 175# first round, then 155#
    The Big NASTI was so fun to watch!!! Congrats to all the CFHSV athletes!

  27. Brian A says:

    A. 275
    B. 20:27. 20 cal, 10 DL@275, 20 T2B

  28. Justin says:

    19:54 rx+

  29. Mac says:

    405 x 16

    16:16 rx+