Monday, January 14 2019

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Back Squat 1RM   E2:30MOM

9 – 7 – 4/5 – 1/3 – 1 – 1

**percents, are a guide, adjust as needed to hit a max**

2 Rounds For Time:

*Start at Top OR Start at Bottom*

12 Overhead Squats   95/65   RX+ 115/75   MRX 75/55

12 Pull-Ups

NO Rest / Add wt or *Reduce

2 Rounds For Time:

9 Front Squats   135/95   RX+ 155/105   MRX 95/65
9 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

NO Rest / Add wt or *Reduce

2 Rounds For Time:

6 Back Squats   155/105   RX+ 205/135   MRX 115/75

6 Bar Muscle-Ups   MRX Burpee Pull-Ups

Core & Single Leg Squat Development

2 sets 10-15 reps GHD Sit-Ups
2 sets 10-14 Reps Pistols (alt legs)

1min Wall Iron Chair sit Holding 25/15lb plate

32 responses to “Monday, January 14 2019”

  1. Jenn Jenn says:

    Haley boo 🥰 that is a strong lady right there, in the gym and out. You are amazing !

  2. Dani says:

    She bad (but in a good way!). Too much to love about this girl

  3. Jamie Cherrypicker says:

    Haleybelle! She’s one of my all-time favorite friends I’ve made at CFHSV. She’ll make you laugh and be your dance partner at a moments notice. Keep being you strong lady!

  4. Nathaniel says:

    Great shot of Haley being strong! Haley can do it all and does it with smiles and laughs. Haley and her family are what make CFHSV a better place. Keep lifting, laughing, and throwing down!

  5. Mandee says:

    Dang, I would kill for that front rack position! Haley is an all around awesome CrossFitter who is strong beyond her size and highly skilled too. She’s been killing it for years, always with the most positive attitude and fun-loving spirit. This lady makes everyone smile 😁 You rock, Haley!

  6. Fleming Sharp says:

    Haley brings the fun and guns everyday! She is one pint sized pistol! Love her laugh and humble spirit!

  7. Little Erin says:

    Perfect form and perfect accessories 😻 Haley is the best!

  8. Lindsey W says:

    Dang girl! Your hair looks good in this shot! And you’re pretty freakin strong too

  9. Flying J says:

    One side of a great pair of nice folks who are always inspiring and fun to be around. Go Hailey , Mac and those two great “ candy chomping “ girls.

  10. Tricia says:

    Nice Haley! Perfect in every way. I love your humble attitude, fun-loving spirit, and awesome dance moves 🤗. Keep being you Haley. Love you and your sweet amazing family ❤️😘

  11. Wendy P says:

    Powered by Blue Bell 😂 My hero!!! Looking good & strong 😘

  12. WendyWW says:

    You’ll hear her before you see her & that’s only one of many things to love about this fun, strong & fabulous woman! 🙂

  13. Josh Kennedy says:

    A: 155-185-205-225-245
    B: 11:50 scaled, going BS-FS-OH with 135-115-95
    C: complete
    Good to be back, a combo of travel and bad hamstring injury has kept me away. For those interested, “proximal hamstring tendinpathy” is no fun! https://www.sports-health.com/sports-injuries/leg-injuries/chronic-high-proximal-hamstring-tendinopathy

  14. @Cj.vk says:

    Haley is kinda aight. 🤪

    A. 315 (failed 325 twice)
    B. 7:51 rx

  15. Eugene M. says:

    A. 360
    B. 8:57 Rx+
    C. Complete

  16. Clair Lee says:

    Love this lady and her family! Haley is an awesome athlete with the kindest spirit! Keep killin’ it lady!:-)

    A. 145
    B. 5+11 Rxd-Missed cut off time by 1 bar MU. Finished at 15:08

    Thanks for the push everyone and the coaching, Nathaniel and Brian.

  17. Mac says:

    Haley really is an incredible athlete among many other things. Outside of her great attitude (always making the gym a fun experience) and beautiful technique the thing that she has done that inspires me the most is how Haley came back after injuries. There was never a quick fix, but she continued to learn and push while playing it safe and focusing on the long term….a overall better life. Keep it up, I love you.

  18. Duke says:


  19. Paul Pepe says:

    Haley….what is there not to love about this girl…:-)
    Mac married over his head.

  20. Nathaniel says:

    A. 335

    B. 8:38 rx +

  21. Melissa D says:

    230# PR
    7:33 rx+ (bottom to top)
    That’s my Haley boo looking beautiful in the bottom of a perfect squat. I love everything you are Haley. Keep killing it!

  22. Michael Little says:


  23. Kim G says:

    A. 160 PR
    B. 14:32 scaled to 65-75-85 and c2b attempts

    Haley is one super sweet and hilarious woman! She keeps things real while offering her knowledge and advice to those around her. And her strength, form, and technique are always spot on! 😀

  24. MH says:

    255 PR
    6:43 RX+
    Love Haley!

  25. Mandee says:

    A. 235
    B. 7:46 RX+
    C. Completed

  26. steve price says:

    Haley, half of the Dynamic Duo !!! Always killing it !
    A. 465 PR

  27. Justin says:

    Haley is the best
    375/6:44 rx

  28. Bradley says:

    Haley is one stud CrossFitter! She can keep everyone laughing, smiling, and maybe even dancing. It’s always a fun class when Haley walks in.

    A. 360 PR

    B. 6:49 Rx+

  29. Haley says:

    Thanks CFHSV family! Lucky to have CFHSV, health, and wonderful friends in my life! All of CFHSV keep killing it and remember to have fun!

  30. Mac says:


    6:30 rx+