Monday, July 18 2016

Posted by Naomi Pradia on July 17, 2016   |   36 Comments




A.  EMOM:  20 Russian kettlebell swings x 5 minutes

B.  “Let the CrossFitter Decide” by DB

3 rounds for time:

15 push press 115/80  or  95/65  or  75/55  OR 15 handstand push-ups  (MRX 2/4″ rise)

30 double unders OR 30 mogul ski jumps

20/15 hand release push-ups OR 15/10 dips

15 box jumps OR step-ups  30″/24″/20″ or 18″

10 power snatch 115/80  or  95/65  or  75/55  OR 10 KBS 32kg/24kg/20kg/16kg

200m run OR 50 double unders /5o ski mogul jumps OR 15 box jumps


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36 responses to “Monday, July 18 2016”

  1. Eric says:

    Mac is a no nonsense CrossFit athlete. There isn’t much he can’t do, he moves heavy weight efficiently and lightening fast. Keep it up Mac we are chasing you.

  2. Paul says:

    The Mac Daddy.

    • Paul says:

      This family represents the best of the culture of our sport ( and yes it is a sport) and CFHSV. The real deal in all aspects of who we are who we aspire to be.

      Mac and Haley: If your family ever gets tired of you….you have a home with Paul and Carol Pepe. Wish you were my kids. We will adopt you. Love you guys.

  3. Josh Kennedy says:

    Mac vs Chuck Noris……..even money

  4. Haley says:

    Mac! Not enough I can say about this man. Glad to be doing life with him 🙂

  5. jamie cherrypicker says:

    Mac Daddy! I can’t say enough about one of my partners in crime at CFHSV. Beastman with the best attitude you will ever find. Thank you Haley for letting us borrow him!

  6. KOBRA says:

    sMACk attack! Such an awesome athlete and member of the community!

  7. Shana says:

    One awesome athlete!!! Yeah he can move heavy weight, but he can also make you laugh too! Strong work Mac!

  8. Mandee says:

    Awesome pic, awesome athlete, phenomenal dude 🙂 What can I say Mac?? We are reminded every time you appear on the website that truly, everyone loves you!! Thanks for being such a stellar guy, you make CFHSV proud!

  9. Nathaniel says:

    He’s gotta a long way to go folks and his attitude could certainly be polished, that being said I ain’t scared of this mean dude one bit. Awesome pic though 🙂

  10. Steve Price says:

    I remember years ago, Mac was my partner during the black shirt test day and helped me achieve the green shirt. I don’t know at the time if Mac had ever attempted a muscle up or not because he was worried if he could link three in a row. Well, not only did he do the muscle ups but he slam dunked everything else. Now nothing can stop this warrior. Glad to have had you as a partner back then Mac and blessed just to have crossed paths with you!

  11. Matt says:

    Thanks for being a great example of CrossFit excellence Mac!

  12. Josh Kennedy says:

    A: with the CFHSV Firebell, I suffered for that
    B: 19:16 Rx. 115# PP, Mogul jumps, 30″ jumps, HRPU, Firebell KBS, 200m run. Basically, make everything as tough as you can to get a full 20min WOD

  13. fleming says:

    Mac! Always encouraging and setting the bar high on all things crossfit!

  14. CJ VK says:

    A. Complete w/ 28kg KB
    B. 19:28 Rx (HSPU, DUs, bar dips, 24″ step ups, KBS @ 24kg, 200m run)

    Great 0700 class!

  15. Dani says:

    Mac is smart, handsome, and very strong. And those aren’t even his three BEST qualities! He worships his wife and daughters and shows kindness to everyone he speaks to. He’s absolutely the friend for the end of the world kind of guy.

  16. Eric says:

    2 Rounds
    115 Push Press
    30 Mogul jumps
    20 Hand Release PU
    15 Box Jumps
    115 Power Snatch
    200 Meters
    Rolled ankle on second round…what I get for running.

  17. Bradley says:

    Mac! One of the best CFHSV has to offer.

    A. Complete with 32kg

    B. 12:59 Rx (HSPU, DUs, Ring Dips, 30″ Box Jumps, 115# Power Snatch, 200m Run)

    Great 0700 class. Thanks for the push Jeremy!

  18. Andrew says:

    Not enough good things can be said about this dude! Awesome athlete and awesome guy!

  19. Mimi says:

    A: 16kg
    B: 20:44rx (HSPU/DU/Ring Dips/20″ box jumps/KBS@20kg/200m run)
    Mac. Is. Awesome.

  20. Jeremy M. says:

    7:00am Class:
    A: completed with 32kg – I tried to weasel out on the 2pood, thanks Dave!
    B: 13:08, RX (hspus, DUs, ring dips, 30″ box – 2rds jumps/1rd step-ups, 115# PS, 200m run)
    – Okay class Kodi, could’ve been better….?, there goes your $0.25 raise) seriously, great class!
    – Awesome push from Bradley! He’s a beast!
    – Mac is the Man! Great husband, father, friend and a superb athlete!!

  21. Clair says:

    What an amazing athlete and person both inside and out! We are blessed to have both you and Haley at CFHSV!
    A. 20kg
    B. 16:38Rxd (HSPU,DU,Hand Release PUs,20″ box jumps,KBS@16kg, 200m run)

  22. Mandee says:

    Hotel WOD:
    A. 20 dumbbell Russian swings 35#
    B. 17:37 Modified: 15 DB push press 35#, 30 over the DB ski jumps, 15 hand release push ups, 15 over 2 bench jumps, 10 DB one arm snatch 35#, 200m run
    Then a quick dip in the pool and the hot tub 🙂
    Last day of prep before Paul competes at The CrossFit Games!

  23. Nathaniel says:

    Hotel WOD –

    A. 20 Russian swings EMOM for 5min @50lb

    B. 15:15 scaled to :

    15 DB push press @50lb / 30 ski jump over DBs / 20 hand release push ups / 15 double bench jump overs / 10 DB Snatches @50lb / 200m treadmill run

  24. George C says:

    Mac is an amazing athlete. Super strong but also humble and genuinely just a nice guy.

  25. John says:

    Here is the Link to see the schedule for the Master Athletes starting tomorrow.

  26. Heather C says:

    Mac, always working hard and always positive and encouraging!

  27. Mac says:

    You guys are all WAY too kind. Just blessed to get to work out with you guys! Such a great community and I am very happy we have been lucky enough to be a part of it.

  28. BP says:

    1515 class might as well been held on the surface of the sun. I have no idea how y’all do it. Tough!

    A. Complete with 2 PD
    B. 19:17 115#

    Mac wouldn’t sign my shirt.

  29. Heath sharp says:

    A: complete w 2 pood

    B: 14:22 w/

    Dips from muscle up
    30″ box
    115 snatch
    200m run

  30. MH says:

    A. 28kg

    B. 15:41 (HSPU, DU, Dips, 24 Box Jumps, Power Snatch #80, 200 run)

    great picture Mac!