Monday, June 13 2022

Posted by Mandee on June 12, 2022   |   19 Comments



“Runner’s Mile vs Lifter’s Mile” by DB

For Time: (40min cap)

400m Run – Rest 1 min

200m Run – Rest 1 min

400m Run – Rest 1 min

200m Run – Rest 1 min

400m Run – Rest 1 min

Rest 3 min

400m Run
20 Deadlifts

Rest 1 min

200m Run
20 Hang Clean

Rest 1 min

400m Run

20 Front Squat

Rest 1 min

200m Run
20 Shoulder to Overhead

Rest 1 min
400m Run

10 Ground to Overhead

Barbell Weights =   115/75   RX+135/95   MRX 95/65

*compare to 11 Jun 20; 26 Jun 19*

Core, Chest & Guns Development

20 Dumbbell Renegade Rows

20 Dumbbell Curls to Press
20 Reverse Rower Tucks

20 Dumbbell Hammer Curls

19 responses to “Monday, June 13 2022”

  1. Nathaniel says:

    Brinn lookin like the stud that she is. Brinn is as smooth as they come and makes selling out look too easy. She’s a great athlete with natural ability and a drive and work ethic that makes for a deadly combo. Brinn can hang with the best of them and she’s gots lots of practice with her dynamite family. Everybody in her family is a freak athlete that loves to compete with each other. It’s all with love and they show it. Brinn is always pleasant and focused but she likes to talk a little smack when the temp is right. Keep Rollin young lady 😊

  2. Mandee says:

    Brinn looking like a total rockstar! This lady is an athlete and she shows out any time she shows up. I’ve known her since she was little, and she’s always been a standout in everything she does. She’s got great form, knows how to work hard, and moves effortlessly. Couldn’t be happier to have Brinn and her family throwing down at CFHSV! ☺️

  3. Hal says:

    A. 30:14 rx+ 🥵 lots of opportunities in this heat to feel sorry for yourself

    B. Complete

  4. Bo says:

    A: 29:56 rx
    B: GHD’s and HE’s

  5. Clair says:

    Awesome picture of a great athlete! I always enjoy the opportunity to workout with Brinn! Keep it up pretty lady!
    34:04 scaled to Mrx
    Hello humidity and heat! 😨

  6. Brinn says:

    Love my CrossFit HSV fam!
    And what a fun Monday morning workout!
    29:10 RX

  7. CJ VK says:

    32:32 rx+
    6/26/19:28:09 rx

  8. Duke says:

    Afternoon classes need to be careful. HOT

  9. Jason Morgan says:

    35:14 Rx

  10. Nathaniel says:

    29:58 rx+

  11. Bradley says:

    Brinn is a stud athlete. She makes everything look easy. Keep it up young lady!

    32:54 Scaled

  12. Daniel N says:

    36:02 (or something like that) Rx
    Heat index was 107 during the workout – I definitely felt sorry for myself for a few minutes behind the back shed today…

  13. Misty says:

    Brinn! Looking strong and focused overhead! Brinn is a natural athlete that can move weight, keep her engine going and is smooth with gymnastics. She puts up great scores every time she wakes into he gym. Love having her, Patrick and the whole family all throwing down together! Keep showing out!

    36:08 rx+

  14. Griff says:

    31:58 rx+

  15. Bailey says:

    28:53 RX+

  16. Mandee says:

    30:55 RX+

  17. Emilyanne Hardy says:

    33:08 Rx

  18. Mac says:

    31:57 rx+