Monday, March 4 2013

Posted by Mandee on March 3, 2013   |   21 Comments

Jaime bar muscle up 1Jaime bar muscle up 2Jaime bar muscle up 3



A: Spend 10 min working on Toes to Bar

B: 5 rounds for time of:

10 Toes to Bar

10 Power snatch 75/55

10 Wallballs 20/14  10’/9′

21 responses to “Monday, March 4 2013”

  1. OkieDB says:

    Jaimie is the MAN! Enough said

  2. Jamie not Jaime says:


  3. Haley says:

    Nice Jaime D!

  4. Larry says:

    10:55 RX

    Couldn’t keep up with Tye (who has been on hiatus for a while). Nice work 0600!

  5. Tye says:

    For anybody interested in getting plates from HI-Temp over in Tuscumbia, please send me an email ( sigmanu_200@yahoo.com ) with what you want (they have 5, 10, 15, 25, 35, 45 and 65-lb plates available for order. I’m going to put an order in with them in the near future and would like to help any of our members out that are wanting bumper plates for their home gym.

    Price is $1.58 per pound after tax if we order less than 5000 lbs or $1.55 per pound if we order over 5000 lbs, and if we have them brought to the gym, we can split shipping, which I’m unsure of the cost for as it will depend on how much weight we have ordered.

    They have a lead time of 4-6 weeks currently, so it’ll be a while before the plates get in, but the sooner we get an order in the better. Please let me know something by COB Thursday afternoon (I’ll also be at the gym on Thursday afternoon for the Open).

    10:05 rx

  6. Clair Lee says:

    11:50 Rx’d. Great morning and awesome coaching from Coach DB!

  7. If you see ME running.. RUN! says:

    10:36 Rx’d

    Someone will sub nine this.

  8. mac says:

    8:25 rx McMillion you r awesome!

  9. David M. says:

    Thanks man! the TTB felt great today. Great work 4:15. 6:50 rx.

  10. Eric says:

    Wow!! Great time!

  11. Nathaniel says:

    7:39 rx

    Once again..Could. Not. Catch. The McMillion.

    Great time buddy.

  12. AP says:


  13. Kerri says:

    9:40 Rx’ed

  14. Justin says:

    7:32 rx’d

  15. Eric Hedges says:

    I told DB this morning after we finished that someone would Sub 9. Much respect to all of you that hit the sub 9 mark let alone the insane 6:50 posted by David.

  16. Kerri says:

    David Doc Mc….. CFHSV’s best kept secret!! Nice work!!

  17. ???? ?? says:

    ???? ??…

    I Love this post!…