Monday, March 5 2018

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Sumo Deadlifts & Deadlifts    E2:30MOM

7 Sumo Deadlifts – 6 Deadlifts

5 Sumo Deadlifts – 4 Deadlifts

3 Sumo Deadlifts – 2 Deadlifts

9min AMRAP:

7 SumoDeadlifts    205/135    RX+ 245/155    MRX 185/115
35 Double Unders OR 5 Burpee Over Box Jumps    24/20″    RX+30/24    MRX 20/18

7 Deadlifts    205/135    RX+ 245/155    MRX 185/115
5 Muscle Ups (ring or bar) OR 5 Pull-ups & 5 Dips

Core & Grip Development

1min GHD Sit-up Hold (straight out) into 15 GHD Sit-ups

1min Hip Ext Sit-up Hold (straight out) into 15 GHD Sit-ups

1min High Plank Hold w/Push-up every 5sec

100m Plate Pinch Carry into
200m KB Farmers Carry





24 responses to “Monday, March 5 2018”

  1. Jamie Cherrypicker says:

    These *two* are very loved!!!! Way to get after it Dani and Baby L!

  2. Jenn Jenn says:

    DANI!!! People dream of friends like you. Sweetest person and badass Crossfitter! And most importantly you’re going to be an amazing mother! Love my Dani Boo ❤️

  3. Fleming says:

    What an amazing person right there! That is one lucky bambino in that cute tummy! Dani brings positivity and joy to everyone she meets and is always encouraging and supporting those around her while she crushes it herself!! Thankful to know this beautiful woman!

  4. Mel D says:

    Oh my heart. How I love Dani and everything she is about. I’m lucky to call her my friend. That’s one tough, strong, and wonderful friend. And that baby is one lucky little girl. Xoxo

  5. Haley says:

    Dani boo! Strong with a beautiful heart and soul! Beautiful picture of an amazing momma to be! One tough, strong, smart crossfitter, fun, genuine, selfless friend who is going to make one amazing momma! Love you Dani 😘 so lucky to watch you on this amazing journey.

  6. Little Erin says:

    Dani love! You are always someone I will look up to in crossfitness and in life! I love you and can not wait to meet that little bundle of joy. You deserve all the kind words in the world.

  7. WendyWW says:

    Dani!! This picture is everything. A beautiful, amazing mommy-to-be staring down the barbell with nothing but strength & determination. This one will be a perfect addition to our CF Mommies Hall of Fame picture gallery!! 🙂

  8. Rob L says:

    There aren’t enough words in this language or the next to describe how much this chick means to me. My rock, my ground, my encourager, and now soon to be my baby’s mama 🙂 I’m so proud of how you’ve set a precedent for health, wellness, and fitness in our little family. Love you Dani, don’t ever stop being you.

  9. Steve Price says:

    Now that’s an inspirational picture right there!! Dani is a studette and one of CFHSV ‘s finest.

  10. Nathaniel says:

    And another one! Another CFHSV mom to be keeping herself and baby healthy. Sweet Dani is always thinking of others and that’s one of many reasons this new little baby is gonna have it made! Can’t wait to meet this Little Latham. Keep it up sweet Dani 😊

  11. Mandee says:

    This picture is so awesome and so is the lovely lady featured! Dani is kind to everyone and always so thoughtful, and I have no doubt at all that she will be the most amazing mom! She’s also a smart, determined and focused athlete who doesn’t let anything get in the way of staying fit and healthy. Nothing but love and respect for you, Dani! 🙂

  12. Lisa T. says:

    Dani, you’re amazing, and I’m so excited about your little bundle of sweetness!!!

  13. BP says:

    Dani is one of my favorite people in the gym. Such an awesome lady!

    4+38 RX w/ DU & BMU

  14. Misty says:

    Dani! What an awesome pic of such a sweet and strong mama! You keep on making these WODs for two look easy! So proud of you for keeping yourself and that sweet baby strong and healthy! Can’t wait keep watching your journey and to meet this little CrossFit Kid!

  15. Josh Kennedy says:

    A: 225-245-265-275-295-315
    B: 3+7 Rx, BBJO and strict PU/dip
    C: Complete
    Looking forward to seeing Dani and Rob bring a child into the world!

  16. Dani says:

    Someone tell that girl to get some shorts that fit! Mercy! 😀

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the kind words. Crossfitting is a humbling and empowering experience, and it’s been neat to experience how that’s changed for me while pregnant. Most WODS I spend a lot of time doing exactly what you see me doing here- huffing and puffing and looking around and staring at a barbell 🙂 But by doing so, it’s given me a lot more time to look up and watch everyone else- the coaches and athletes; all of you are crazy inspiring in the gym each and every day and I love getting to walk into CFHSV and be part of all of what it means.

    And I have no doubt that Dennis’s programming over the last 5 years has me quite well prepped for labor. 😀

  17. Daniel Lynch says:

    Dani has been a constant at CFHSV as long as I’ve been showing up and she works hard.
    A. 255-275-295-315-325-325
    B. 1+53 Rx, DUs and Ring MUs
    C. Complete
    18.2: 10:35 Rx
    18.2A: 227#
    The thing that makes me feel weak is the thing that will make me stronger.

  18. Michael Little says:

    Awesome picture of an awesome person! Keep crushing it Dani!

    4+51 Rx+ (DUs/RMU)

  19. CoachDB says:

    Training for two. Dani you have it going on. Already fighting for and taking care of that wonderful little one. Blessed

    Finally able to do the Open WOD 18.2. I did use two 53lb KettleBells in front rack.
    Time = 10:40 and 155lbs Clean

  20. Jeremy M. says:

    1:45pm Open Gym (Today’s wod):
    A: 275(7)-275(7)-315(6)-315(6)-365(5)-365(5)
    B: 3+52, RX (RMU/DUs)
    C: Complete minus 200m Farmer’s Carry
    – Dani is one of the sweetest, most caring and loving people I know! She’s also one of the hardest working and greatest crossfitters out there! Whether she’s giving 100% during a wod or giving 100% cheering for others, she’s a prime example of what cfhsv’s community is all about! Keep it up friend!

  21. Tracy says:

    Dani and baby L! This picture is awesome and so are you my friend. 😘

  22. Jamie Cherrypicker says:

    A. 295-295-325-325(4)-375 (2)-325 (1)-325 (2)
    B. 3+4 scaled 70 SU/pull ups/dips


  23. CJ VK says:

    A. 95#(5) across
    B. 4+3 Scaled to 95# w/ DUs and 2 BMU/round

  24. Justin says:

    4+50 @205 bar mu, dus
    Great picture Dani. You are awesome