Monday, March 9 2020

Posted by Mandee on March 8, 2020   |   15 Comments



Snatch   E2MOM

4 – 3 – 2 – 2 – 1 – 1 – 1

Master Qualifier Workout 5 2019

For Time:

30 Snatch   135/95   Teen/55+ 95/65

30 Strict   Handstand Push-Ups   55+ 5″ Rise


3 Rounds For Time:
10 Snatch   115/75   RX+135/95   MRX 95/65

10 Handstand Push-Ups   RX+ Strict   MRX 2/4″ Rise or 10 S2O

Core & Shoulder Development

1min GHD Sit-Up Hold to 15 GHD Sit-ups

1min Hip Ext Hold to 15 Hip Extensions

100′ OH Walking Lunges 45/35 35/25 Plate

15 responses to “Monday, March 9 2020”

  1. Lewis says:

    LJ is a killer athlete and has a killer personality to match. She may be sweet before the class starts, but she turns to serious mode as soon as that clock starts. Glad to call you a friend 😎

  2. Nathaniel says:

    LJ lookin bad to the bone! Nice swing, nice person, and a real nice CrossFitter. This CrossFit stud juggles a lot in and out of the gym and makes it look easy with a great attitude. She’s also gonna do 6 workouts in 4 days starting this Friday because she qualified as one of the top 200 athletes in the world in her division. You rock LJ and can’t wait to watch you throw down in the CrossFit Online Qualifier!

  3. Mel B says:


  4. Jenn Jenn says:

    There she is 💪🏼♥️🥰

  5. mandee says:

    LJ looking like the strong, focused, hard working athlete that she is! This woman has been nothing but a pleasure since she walked through our doors, and she’s as friendly and kind as they come. She’s also a total stud of an athlete who is coachable, committed and tough. Keep after it, LJ! 🙂

  6. Fleming says:

    Go LJ! Looking forward to cheering on this amazing athlete and person this weekend!
    She juggles the world with poise and class. Way to go LJ!

  7. Kim G says:

    A. 65-70-75-80-85(x)-85(x)-85 split
    B. 6:45 scaled to 70# and pushups

  8. CJ VK says:

    AGOQ 2019 Event 5: 6:42 rx

  9. Justin says:

    LJ is a hard worker and has come a long way. Keep putting in the work.
    4:58 rx, first one

  10. Dukescared says:

    3:07 MRX
    LJ works as hard as anyone. It shows too. Keep it up LJ.

  11. Misty says:

    LJ! This lady is focused, driven, and a fierce competitor! She is constantly pushing herself to the limit and just getting stronger and faster! I’ve definitely enjoyed watching her gain skills and kill WODs. Can’t wait to see what happens over the next few days!

  12. Chef Tyler says:

    57 reps Rx first one

  13. Haley says:

    LG! Fierce, strong, & focused are only a few words that describe her! Keep at it LJ 😍

  14. Jamie Cherrypicker says:

    LJ is a beast!
    5:56 first one, scales to S2O instead of HSPU

  15. LJ says:

    Thanks everyone for the sweet comments!! I really appreciate all the support. I am thankful to have you guys in my life and I’m looking forward to becoming a better athlete with all of your coaching and support. You all truly make a difference whether it be with your knowledge, support, smiles, comradery Or yelling at me to just go LJ! I love being a part of CFHSV