Monday, May 16 2016

Posted by Naomi Pradia on May 15, 2016   |   21 Comments

CJ w




A.  Back Squats and Back Rack Jerks = E2MOM for 20 minutes

7 back squats — 2 back rack jerks

5 back squats — 2 back rack jerks

4 back squats — 1 back rack jerk

3 back squats — 1 back rack jerk

3 back squats — 1 back rack jerk

B.  For Time:

30 calorie row, then

3 rounds of:

15 shoulder to overhead 95/65  RX+115/80  (MRX 75/55)

15 back squats 95/65  RX+ 115/80  (MRX 75/55)

20 calorie row, then

2 rounds of:

10 shoulder to overhead

10 back squats

10 calorie row, then

10 thrusters


21 responses to “Monday, May 16 2016”

  1. BWM says:

    CJ, You are awesome!! I will never catch up with you:( Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Nathaniel says:

    He ain’t scared of nothin. Keep showing up and showing out CJ!

  3. Jeff K says:

    C.J., my 101 partner. Looking strong and fast my man. Keep working hard buddy.

  4. Kim G says:

    CJ can RUN!

  5. Mandee says:

    Looking good CJ! Your consistent hard work shows! Keep it up! 🙂

  6. Calvin says:

    That’s one good looking stride there CJ!

  7. Teresa R says:

    CJ always in a great mood, so encouraging, and man, can you run!! Keep up the good work!!!

  8. Daniel Lynch says:

    A. Squat- 275(3) Jerk- 190(1)

    B. 14:43 Rx

  9. BP says:

    CJ is the man, both in the gym and out!

    A. Squat 225(7)-240(5)-255(4)-265(3), Best Jerk – 245, just missed a 260 PR.

    B. 14:29 RX

  10. E says:

    Enjoying this new Strength combo cycle
    A. 295(7)225(2)-315(5)245(2)-335(4)265(1)-365(3)275(X)
    B. 11:03 RX

    Good coaching and great vibes at 0600 everyone working hard, being safe and doing their thing.

  11. Damian says:

    I did this WOD and totally jacked it up. Somehow I copied 30 calorie rows in the first group for each set, and then started to do 20 calories rows in the 2nd group before I realized I was an idiot. I ended up with 17:48Rx after all the extra (around 35 calories extra) and I’m a very slow rower. I also had to wait on a guy to move out of the way while he was trying to pick up chicks leaning against my rack. My high point over here is I did 28 DUs linked (Pr). Another skill that I’m very weak on.

  12. Jeremy Millich says:

    7:00am Class:
    A1: back sqts – 205(61%)-225(67%)-245(73%)-265(79%)-285(85%)
    A2: Jerks – 205(76%)-225(83%)-245(91%)-265(98%)-275(102%) = PR
    B: 12:31, RX+
    – Started under percentages on squats to warm/loosen up inner thigh, was feeling good so continued to add weight. Completed all reps.
    – Great class today Mandee!!!!

  13. CJ VK says:

    A. Back squat: 190-205-215-225-225
    Jerk: 165-185-205-230-245(x)
    B. 17:32 Rx+

  14. Naomi says:

    CJ is always working hard! Keep it up!

  15. jamie cherrypicker says:

    A. 185-215-235-235-x for squat, 135-165-175-180-180 for jerk
    B. 14:23 scaled to low as possible, ROM on squat not below parallel yet

  16. Matt says:

    A: Back Squat: 295(7), 335(5), 345(4), 365(3), 365(3)
    Jerk: 205(1) 245(failed multiple times)

    B: 15:23 RX

  17. Justin says:

    11:29 rx+

  18. Mac says:


    12;20 RX+

  19. Mac says:

    335 Back rack jerk