Monday, May 23 2016

Posted by Naomi Pradia on May 22, 2016   |   14 Comments

black shirt green team

Congratulations to the newest members of our CFHSV Black Shirt Club and Green Team!

2016 Black Shirt Club Members: Heath Sharp, Justin Waldon, Mo Araiinejad, Sam Winkler, Zac Jackson, Nathaniel Stearns, Haley McCraw, Josh Rader, Rob Latham, Brian Adkins, Tiffany Bell, Shana Davis, Braden Stults, Kyle Otte, Josh Kennedy, Jonathon Morgan, Mary Helen Saunders, TJ Smith

2016 Green Team Members: Steve Price, George Cagle, Dave Rhodes, Brent Pradia, Gayli Craver, Maggie Futch, Teresa Rassega, Calvin Hadden, Jackson Franks, Dani Latham, Pony Donahue, Meredith Miller, Zee Jones, Bailey Bentley, Matt Miller, Daniel Lynch, CJ Van Kampen



A.  “Tester Athlete Choice”

max unbroken chest-to-bar pull-ups or

max unbroken pull-ups or

max banded or jumping pull-ups

B.  For time:

run 1200m with one kettle bell 24/16kg  (MRX 20/12kg)  RX+ 32/24kg or run 1600m with RX weight

**catch EMOM perform 10 kettlebell swings

C.  Core development: 1-2 rounds not for time:

1:30 minute high plank hold

25 sit-ups

1 minute leg lift hold

25 sit-ups

1:30 minute low plank hold



14 responses to “Monday, May 23 2016”

  1. Mark says:

    Congratulations to the athletes that earned their shirts. You all earned them!

  2. jamie cherrypicker says:

    Proud to call these athletes my friends. Congrats to everyone who tried for those shirts.

  3. Mandee says:

    Congratulations CFHSV athletes! So proud of every performance this weekend. 🙂

  4. Mac says:

    Wow! What a strong group of athletes!! Congrats to all.

  5. Josh Kennedy says:

    Proud to hanging out with such a fine group of folks.
    A: 10 C2B
    B: 11:40 scaled to 1pd KB, Farmer’s carry the whole way. I learned my lesson in 2013 trying to do this with 2pd, then re-learned it a year ago with 1.5pd. So left my ego at the door this morning…
    C: 2 rounds, abmat butterfly un-anchored SU.

  6. Don says:

    Awesome bunch!! Congratulations to all!!

  7. Daniel Lynch says:

    A. 12 regular
    B. 20:28, scaled on the fly to less swings w/ 24kg
    C. Yup 1 round

    Some gyms have only a few amazing athletes, but CFHSV has scores and scores of them. Way to go everyone!

  8. SheaW says:

    I love that we have such strong peeps at CFHSV. Strong and always so nice and supportive.

    A. 3 C2B (UGLY, but I got them)

    B. Rx 16:53
    I beat my time last year by a little over 7 minutes!? The only difference I can think of is that I would not let myself put that KB down until I was in the last stretch of the final 400m and I did not let myself take a one minute break.

    C. Skipped planks, did everything else.

  9. Heath Sharp says:

    A) 36
    B) WTF
    C) complete

  10. Matt says:

    A: 3 linked chest to bar, then worked on strict ring pull-ups with a false grip
    B: 34+ minutes
    C: completed 1 round

    Thanks to Travis Taylor and TJ for not leaving me on the parking lot alone. Its a lonely feeling when people have showered and are headed back to work while you are still circling around the cones.

  11. Jeremy Millich says:

    5:50pm Open Gym:
    A: E1:30OM for 7 sets – 6 speed back squats at 185#
    6:15pm Class:
    A: 51 pull-ups, PR
    B: 800m completed @53#, then QUIT!!!! Was not into it! Mentally WEAK!!!
    C: 1 round completed w/ GHDs
    – What a wonderful group of athletes! Congrats to all who competed!! Each and every one of you are true athletes!

  12. Mac says:

    15 c2b

    20:38 rx+ 1600 @ 53#