Monday, May 30 2016

Posted by Naomi Pradia on May 29, 2016   |   5 Comments

tired again



We are closed today in observance of Memorial Day. Have a safe and fun Memorial Day!

5 responses to “Monday, May 30 2016”

  1. Budo Brother says:

    One lean, mean, “Yoshukai” fighting machine!

  2. Kobra says:

    ….pre – Super Saiyan

  3. Josh Kennedy says:

    Multiple CFHSV athletes out there today knocking down the Cotton Row 10k or 5k runs. Tough day in the heat, but getting it done!

  4. CoachDB says:

    Slade is a Super Stud! He is the true representation!
    Pretty sore from MURPH on Saturday, so I did a post MURPH recovery workout session. Loved it and it did the job of working out the soreness while also getting a fun PUMP on! SWOLE
    C2 Row 250m = 0:55.4 C2 Ski Erg 250m = 0:59.0
    C2 Row 250m = 0:53.7 C2 Ski Erg 250m = 0:59.3
    C2 Row 250m = 0: 53.2 C2 Ski Erg 250m = 0:58.0
    C2 Row 250m = 0:55.3 C2 Ski Erg 250m = 0:57.7
    C2 Row 250m = 0: 53.8 C2 Ski Erg 250m = 0:55.4

    30 Reverse Hypers
    40 Kabuki Bar Swings
    35 Hip Extensions
    30 T2B (fast)
    30 Swiss Bar Curls
    30 Evil Wheels
    30 DB Curls

    Have a Marvelous Memorial Day!! God Bless the USA!!!

  5. Eric K says:

    Wow what a great Memorial Day. Big Thanks to all the awesome coaches at Crossfit Huntsville. It was an honor to complete the Murph, 20lb vest 41:07 at Crossfit Mount Juliet up here in TN. ??