Monday, May 9 2016

Posted by Naomi Pradia on May 8, 2016   |   28 Comments

Brady 1Brady 2

Brady 3Brady 3Brady 3



A.  Strict Press: 7 – 5 – 4 – 2 – 4     E2MOM

B. 4 rounds for time of:

25 shoulder to overhead 75/55  RX+95/65  (55 and over 65/45)

2 rope climbs 15′   RX+ 2 legless 15′  (55 and over 2 rope climbs 10′)

100 double unders or 400m run (athlete’s choice)

rest exactly 2 minutes after WOD, then:


2 minute max reps anchored ab-mat sit-ups or GHD sit-ups

28 responses to “Monday, May 9 2016”

  1. jamie cherrypicker says:

    Batman!! You can’t beat Brady. Hulk smash!

  2. Matt says:

    Super hero

  3. Steve Price says:

    This man makes lifting heavy weight seem easy! I stand in awe! Always a privilege when I get to work out with Brady.

  4. Eric says:

    CFHSV original Super-Hero!

  5. Dani says:

    Brady! Super hero, super strength, super real nice guy. He’s got a super wifey too!

  6. George C says:

    His dedication to form and technique shine through every time he performs a picture-perfect lift.

    Not saying he IS batman, but no one has ever seen them in the same room together…

  7. Devonne says:

    My hero!

  8. Chauncey says:

    Way to make it look easy My Man!!

  9. Haley says:

    Strong Brady! Super strong and super nice guy!

  10. Mandee says:

    Brady has been a pillar of our CFHSV community for basically as long as I can remember, and he is truly all that is awesome about CrossFit! Even years into his CrossFit journey, he is still getting stronger and fitter every day. His hard work and dedication to form have certainly paid off! And he is truly one of the nicest, most pleasant guys you will meet. Keep being awesome Brady 🙂

  11. Nathaniel says:

    Brady is the same person everyday and that’s hard to be. He’s as genuine as they come and treats everyone around him like kin-folk. Now concerning his CrossFit and OLY Lifting, he’s King of the Jungle at CFHSV and I’ve got the scars to prove it.

  12. Hannah T says:

    Bradyyyyyyy I’m glad to see that you’re not in my spot!! But awesome job! Looking great!

  13. Kobra says:


    what was that?….(looks quickly to the sky)

    da na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na…..BRADY! (upside your head)

  14. BP says:

    Hardwork Brady right there. The most flexible strong man I’ve seen. Keep up the good work brother

  15. Jeremy Millich says:

    7:00am Class:
    A: 135(7)-145(5)-150(4)-160(2)-150(4)
    B: 15:06, RX+, (DUs, Run, Run, DUs)
    C: Finisher – 42 ghds
    – Brady!!! This is one tough dude! Strong as all! If I had to pick a favorite super hero, Brady would be #1!

  16. CoachDB says:

    George Thorogood made the song “Bad to the Bone” for people just like Brady!
    7 = 95
    5 = 125
    4 = 135
    2 = 145
    4 = 125
    WOD RX+ = 17:52 (100 DUs, 400m Run, 100 DUs, 400m Run) Had no business RX+ but am really trying to get shoulder strength and stamina back. Had to break up too much
    Finisher = 55 military ab-mat anchored sit-ups
    800m Double 55lb KB Farmers Carry, perform 5 KB Push-ups and 3 KB deadlifts to start and overtime you stop.

  17. Calvin says:

    Strong work DB!
    B.18:44rx+ du-run-du-run
    Finisher. 22ghd

  18. Rob L says:

    Brady is an awesome dude with some seriously nice form and technique on those Oly lifts. I hear he’s pretty strong too 🙂

    This WOD kicked my butt! I thought I’d power through all the DUs and avoid running… let me go ahead and advise you to not do that 😀

  19. CJ VK says:

    21:52 Rx+

    DU, run, DU, run

  20. Clair says:

    Awesome picture of a guy who is always pushing hard and is such a genuine person. Keep up the great work, Brady!
    B. 17:53 Rxd Ran

  21. Matt says:

    A: 155(7) 165(5) 175(4) 185(2) 175(4)
    B: 2+77 (RX) All Double Unders
    C: 35 sit ups

  22. Mimi says:

    A: 60(7)-65(5)-70(4)-75(2)-70(4)
    B: 19:06 rx DU-ran-ran-DU
    C: 60 anchored SU
    Looking super studly, Brady!

  23. Josh Kennedy says:

    Hulk Smash!! Brady is one of the most pleasant and down-to-earth people you will ever meet, just a pleasure to shake his hand and throw around heavy weight with him. Carson chose a keeper in this man!
    A: 125-135-145-150-140
    B: 19:45 Rx. 95# S2O, 1 legless rope climb and a second with legs to 20′, 400m runs
    C: 35 GHD SU

  24. jamie cherrypicker says:

    A. 105-115-125-x-125
    B. 18:27 scaled to ring rows and 500 row
    C. 40 SU

  25. Andrew says:

    A. 125-135-145-155(1)-135
    B. 14:03 scaled (95lb, 15ctb instead of rope) du,run,du,run
    C. 53 military ab mat

  26. Justin says:

    14:34 95/1 legless all running
    36 ghds

  27. Bradley says:

    15:36 Rx+ run,du,du,run
    42 GHDs

  28. Shana Davis says:

    There’s the HULK! Strong work Brady!
    A: 75(7) 85(5) 95(3) missed my last one and 95(2) back down to 90(4)

    B: 19:16 RX 1st round did 1 and 1/2 legless then finished the remainder half reg. Round 2 did 1/2 legless then the rest just reg rope climbs. Also used 65#
    Finisher: 45 GHD sit-ups.