Monday, November 11 2019

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Heroes Veteran’s Day Challenge by DB

Army “JOSH”

For Time:

21 Overhead Squats   95/65   MRX 75/55

42 Pull-Ups

15 Overhead Squats

30 Pull-Ups

9 Overhead Squats

18 Pull-Ups

Navy “JT”

21-15-9 Reps:

Handstand Push-Ups
Ring Dips   MRX Bar Dips

Air Force “DT”

5 Rounds:
12 Deadlifts   155/105lbs   MRX 125/85

9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Push Jerks
Marines “HANSEN”

5 Rounds:

30 KetlleBell Swings   32/24kgs   MRX 24/16

30 Burpees (1″ jump clap hands over head)

30 WallBall Sit-Ups

**Athletes can pick which HERO WOD to complete based on service, family, honor etc. or can pick 1-2 or try and complete all in an AMRAP fashion!**




We will have ALL classes today!

Open Athletes — don’t forget to submit your score for 20.5 no later than 7pm Monday night!

8 responses to “Monday, November 11 2019”

  1. Nathaniel says:

    Josh H is a stud in and out of the gym. A total class act who’s entire family shows up and shows out. His easy going personality makes him smooth in the gym but he knows when to unchain that Alaskan Grizzly Bear! Keep it up buddy

  2. Mandee says:

    Josh putting in work and looking strong as always! This man is part of one awesome, loving family, and he leads the way with a positive attitude and endless encouragement. A great CrossFitter and an awesome person! 😁

  3. Alli B says:

    Happy Veterans Day!!! Thanks for the encouragement today! Our coaches are the best!
    42:09 Rx – Hansen

  4. Justin says:

    Hansen 30:45

  5. MH says:

    Josh and Hansen (GHD’s) 38:15

  6. Kim G says:

    DT- 30:14 rx

  7. Cam says:

    Josh 9:20 Rx
    JT 11:28 scaled hspu to 95# strict press

  8. Burpee Barrage says:

    Hansen 36:38 Scaled (KB 24kg)
    For Michael Kalange USMC

    in remaining time

    Josh – 32reps Scaled (OHS 75lb)
    For Hilary J Burton U.S. Army