Monday, October 21 2013

Posted by Mandee on October 20, 2013   |   5 Comments

TEam 1TEam 2

Team 4Team 3




20 minute AMRAP “Cindy meets Karen”

5 pull-ups

10 push-ups

15 WBS 20/14  10’/9′


5 responses to “Monday, October 21 2013”

  1. jaime day says:

    Damn, I look tired!!

  2. CoachDB says:

    Open Gym today Monday 21 Oct from 10:15 until 11:30am free session for CFHSV members. Come in and work your muscle-ups, HSPUs, Kipping pull-ups etc…

  3. AP says:

    13 + 19

    Another delightful and diabolical DB wod concocted in his coach’s dungeon…err, I mean “laboratory”. You can throw your Cindy score out the window on this…or cut it in half as a goal. 2 words: Shoulder smoker! Awesome and creative programing!

  4. tracey says:

    CoachDB 10+5 RXd full depth, cleared line and all with cast. Long way to go to be CFHSV HARD! Get it CFHSV

  5. Josh G. says:

    Way to go DB!!!
    0600, 0700, and 0815 threw down and rocked the Box this morning. The afternoon classes had better bring the intensity and match what they were putting down. This ain’t your average double date!