Monday, September 4 2017

Posted by Mandee on September 3, 2017   |   22 Comments



“The Love of Labor” by DB

For Time:

-4 Push Press 135/95  MRX 95/65

-5 Back Squats 135/95  MRX 95/65

-6 Power Clean 135/95  MRX 95/65

-100m Run

-7 Push Press

-8 Back Squats

-9 Power Clean

-200m Run

-10 Push Press

-11 Back Squats

-12 Power Clean

-400m Run

-13 Push Press

-14 Back Squats

-15 Power Clean

-800m Run

-16 Push Press

-17 Back Squats

-18 Power Clean

-1200m Run


REMINDER: We will have a modified schedule today! We WILL have classes at 815AM, 915AM, 1130AM, 315PM and 415PM. All other classes are canceled. 

22 responses to “Monday, September 4 2017”

  1. Mandee says:

    Two awesome individuals who also make an amazing team! Keep it up Dani and Rob! 🙂

  2. Tyler says:

    The further down I scrolled the worse it got

  3. Michael Little says:

    Dani and Rob!!!! Freaking awesome people, embracing the suck and crushing a team wod!

  4. Mel D says:

    Dani and Rob, One of my favorite couples! You both are such a joy to be around. At the gym and in life. Love yous!!

  5. Jenn Jenn says:

    These two people ❤️ Love your friendship and determination in each and everything you do… WODs and life.

  6. Steve Price says:

    A Big part of what makes CFHSV so awesome is people like Dani and Rob! They are the same sweet people I met years ago and that hasn’t changed one bit!! Oh by the way, two incredible cross-fitters too !

  7. Little Erin says:

    Dani and Rob! These two are an amazing team in and outside of cfhsv! Love you guys very much!

  8. Nathaniel says:

    Don’t get much better than these two! Rob and Dani are the real deal in and out of the gym. Keep rockin it Studs!

  9. Matt says:

    Bad to the bone!

  10. Haley says:

    Dani and Rob crushing it!!!! Amazing couple and truly awesome individuals. Fun inside and outside of the gym. Keep crushing it Dani and Rob!

  11. Bradley says:

    Two outstanding individuals! Keep working hard Dani and Rob.

  12. Summer says:

    Two of my favorite faves! Both genuinely fantastic human beings! 💗

  13. Tracy says:

    Dani and Rob are the real deal. Awesome in every way. ❤️

  14. Two of my favorite people, and awesome spousal examples… best friends, and crushing WOD’s together. Who doesn’t just adore Dani, and think Robs one of the nicest guys around ?? 💪🏼💪🏼

  15. Dani says:

    Wow everyone! We love you all too! Appreciate the picture of us doing what we enjoy most.

    I consider myself super blessed; Being married to Rob ain’t no labor, it’s alllll love ❤️

  16. BP says:

    The Latham Connection are two of my favorites

    31:20 RX = Beer Sweats

  17. Clair says:

    Dani and Rob are one amazing couple and they both are awesome individuals! Always giving it their all! ❤️
    30:55 scaled to 75#

  18. Nathaniel says:

    24:47 rx

  19. George C says:

    Dani and Rob, awesome power couple!

    31:24 Rx

  20. Mandee says:

    27:28 RX

  21. Matt says:

    42:26 RX

  22. Mac says:

    Power couple there! There are some of CFHSV’s finest.

    27:12 rx