Aaron Penton

Personal Info
I'm a ragamuffin saved by grace and recovering endurance junkie. For years I logged miles of LSD runs, aerobic rides, mindless laps in the pool and spent precious Sports Center and Seinfeld hours doing bicep curls, lat pull downs on a coat rack and crunches on big bouncy balls in rooms full of mirrors. In August 2009 my iPod and it's devil-child, the "globo-gym playlist" died. I think it was divine intervention because I had plateaued in everything including motivation. In desperation for something new, challenging and totally BA, I did my first Crossfit wod at the southeast Y. I was instantly hooked on the movements, but knew I lacked the prescribed intensity and technique and I decided to join CrossFit Huntsville a month later. Hands down it’s been the best thing I’ve ever done from my fitness. Training is no longer a part-time job and while my volume and time has reduced significantly, my cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy have improved more than I ever expected in such a short time. Not to mention somewhere, somehow, in the middle of gasping for air, cleaning up blood, sweat and tears, I've managed to make some pretty awesome friends

Sub 4 Fran; CF Total: 750+; Angie: sub-18; Helen: sub-8; Cindy: 21 rounds; 5K: sub-19 at HSV CCC
Filthy Fifty: sub-25; Back Squat: 300; Shoulder Press: 135; Deadlift: 375; Snatch: 145

Age: 33
Height: 69"
Weight: 195.3 Mina or 7,750 Shekels or 155 pounds, which ever you prefer :)
Back Squat: 260
Snatch: 115
Deadlift: 315
Shoulder Press: 120
Fran: 5:31
Diane: 12:33
Helen: 9:32
Cindy: 18 + 10
FGB: 302
Filthy Fifty: 28:23
5k Run: 19:56 HSV CC Course