Amanda Howard

Personal Info
Before starting CF, I was bored at my gym and never really pushed myself. I knew I needed to make a change and was about to go the route of a personal trainer when my friend recommended CFHSV to me. In comparing the cost to a PT it was a no brainer. I joined CFHSV and committed to sticking to a minimum routine of 3xs a week for 6 months. Well here I am several years later, and my whole life has transformed into a healthier fashion due to my joining CFHSV. Not only do I have a better understanding of my body and what I really need in terms of nutrition, I have seen a fabulous transformation in my body. I was always healthy (not overweight) but I realize, I was never "fit". Now in my mid thirties, I feel like my body looks as good as it did in my mid twenties, before I had kids! I now have aspirations to keep up with my kids, my active lifestyle, and still run circles around most of my friends. I quite simply feel good internally from me eating and exercise and definitely have more confidence externally thanks to this program. I have an extremely busy life. I am a daughter, a wife, a mother, a volunteer, an advocate, a CEO, a business coach, a speaker, and a friend. I wear many hats between my wonderful family and my amazing business at Amanda Howard Real Estate, volunteering in several charities close to our heart, and training other offices on a national level. I travel quite a bit for both business and pleasure , run my business full time, and maintain a very fulfilling family life, so if I can make time for myself and my health (and sometimes my sanity) by going to CF, then ANYONE can do this! Last but not least, you'll never find a closer group of amazing people who quickly become close friends. Everyone is so positive, encouraging, and supportive. It's obvious that this is the CFHSV culture and this starts and shows from our amazing coaches and owners, and then reaches everyone of us in CFHSV from the beginner, to the trailing longterm client who doesn't commit full time to the plan until now (hand raised), to the amazing athlete that crushes every competition and does us proud! They love us all, and we love them. I LOVE MY CROSSFIT FAMILY!
1. To clean up my paleo/zone diet adn get back to my fighting weight of 115 by 2/2012 2. Link 5 pull ups by 2/2012 3. Link double unders by 3/12 4. Hold a true L-sit for 60 seconds by 6/2012 5. Link 5 non-kipping HSPU by 6/2012
Age: 36
Height: 62"
Weight: 119
Back Squat: 140 (3/1/11)
Clean and Jerk: 95 (6/21/11)
Snatch: 80 (10/3/11)
Deadlift: 195 (7/5/11)
Shoulder Press: 70 (10/26/11)
Fran: 11:38 (11/5/09)
Helen: 13:26 (3/8/10)
Filthy Fifty: 52:00 (4/24/09)
5k Run: 26:48 street, 28:53 HSV CC