Carson Wakefield

Personal Info
Currently working as a logistics management specialist for the Army, developing depot maintenance programs, and has for the last five years. She also plays full-contact women's football with the Tennessee Valley Tigers, a member team of the Independent Women's Football League, and will be playing her fourth season in 2011. She started CrossFit Huntsville in January 2010 and has been hooked ever since.
Un-assisted pull-up Handstand push-up Handstand (away from wall), 15 sec. 5k under 35min Be able to complete more of the benchmark workouts without scaling. Compete in the CrossFit Games Attend Class more often (Per Russell)
Age: 29
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 191
Back Squat: 105
Clean and Jerk: 65
Snatch: 75
Deadlift: 210
Shoulder Press: 70
FGB: 148
5k Run: 45:23