Jason Terry

Personal Info
President of City Lumber Co, avid outdoorsman, Christ follower
To continue improving my fitness level and dropping 7 lbs I put on during my absence, avoid a 5k run at all costs, hit a 48" box jump, work on DL technique to break 305 threshold I've been at for too long and improve my cardio stamina.
Age: 40
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 165
Back Squat: 270
Clean and Jerk: 140
Deadlift: 305
Shoulder Press: 125
Fran: 13:09
Diane: 5:14 (scaled)
Cindy: 16
FGB: 228
Filthy Fifty: 38:41
No stats specified.

Karen: 9:57
split Jerk: 180
Black Lung: 33:39