Larry Lowe

Personal Info
I am married with three kids that keep me busy.  I have been with Crossfit Huntsville since August 2008.  I am biased, but I believe we are truly blessed with the best coaches led by Russel.  The changes in my lifestyle habits are tremendous - I used to think that bread was one of the healthiest things you could eat (still crave it, but don’t eat it).  I enjoy introducing paleo eating and the crossfit exercises from the gym to my family at home.  Prior to crossfit I was into triathlons and men’s league soccer, neither of which could hold my attention for longer than a season or two before I got bored.  Crossfit is the only fitness regimen that has kept my attention and keeps me craving to come back for more. I hope to be doing Crossfit for many more years. I am the VP of Engineering at GATR Technologies, a satellite communications company, and travel quite a bit.  I try to drop in a crossfit affiliate gym where ever I go.  I have visited over 17 different gyms across the country. The coaches and athletes at these other gyms have been welcoming and encouraging.  There is bond among all Crossfitter everywhere forged by pushing yourself to your absolute limits in common workouts to the point where you have to lay in a pool of sweat on nasty gym floors until your body has the energy to pull yourself and others up, only to come back the next day and do it all over again.
Get Level 1 Cert in the next by 4/1/2011 Sub 48minute 10K on Cotton Row Course Backsquat over 270 FGB over 300 Do burpees faster...
Age: 35
Height: 73"
Weight: 185
Deadlift: 395
Fran: 6:05
Helen: 8:15
FGB: 287
Filthy Fifty: 21:10
No stats specified.

cotton row 10k run: 48:14
Annie: 6:14
30 muscle-ups for time: 9:21