Robert Simmons

Personal Info
I have been a Firefighter for all of my adult life.  It started as a volunteer in my hometown, shortly after high school I joined the Army as a 21M (Firefighter) and deployed to Iraq in 2003 for a year.  After ending my active duty in late 2004 I became a Federal Firefighter where I have been ever since.  I currently serve at Redstone Arsenal Fire & Emergency Services. I became a a poster child for unhealthiness after my time in the Army, and when my wife and I were faced with a few situations in life that made us realize we had to change that, we started a globo gym routine. Not long after this I found CFHSV and became an addict rather quickly. I was hooked on the environment, the people, and the challenge.  CFHSV has provided me with a place to apply my willpower and determination every day, a place to push myself to new limits, and has helped me find a desire for competition.  Today, in addition to being an ever growing CrossFitter myself, I'm husband to a CrossFitter, father to a 3 year old CrossFitter, and father to a 2 month old "Infantdel".  CrossFit has pushed me to new limits in life and has pushed my family to a new sense of happiness.
-A Sub 110 second run in the Firefighter Combat Challenge -To continue to grow as an athlete, and to inspire others in my profession to push themselves physically, ensuring that they go home at the end of each and every shift. -Top 25 placement in the advanced category at the 2011 Garage Games.
Age: 29
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 160
Back Squat: 315
Clean and Jerk: 185
Snatch: 135
Deadlift: 375
Shoulder Press: 130
Fran: 6:26
Diane: 10:35
Helen: 10:36
Cindy: 20+1
Filthy Fifty: 33:57
5k Run: 23:25
Lynne: 145
Roy: 33:09