Tasha Wiley

Personal Info
Software Analyst.  Huntsville Native.  Started CF November 2009.  Married with 1 daughter who was born Nov 2010.
Strict (non-kipping) handstand push-ups, link more than a few double-unders at a time, increase my bench press & continue gain overall upper body strength.
Age: 33
Height: 61"
Weight: 108
Back Squat: 135
Clean and Jerk: 85
Snatch: 65
Deadlift: 185
Shoulder Press: 70
Fran: 6:30 (scaled)
Grace: Haven’t done it since pregnancy, so no clue
Cindy: 13 + 2
FGB: Haven’t done it since pregnancy (How is that possible????)
Filthy Fifty: 36:48 (scaled WB to 10# and single unders)
5k Run: 25:45