Saturday, 03 Oct, 2009

Posted by Mandee on October 3, 2009   |   9 Comments

For time:
Run 800 meters
15 left-legged pistols
15 right-legged pistols
25 sit-ups
12 left-legged pistols
12 right-legged pistols
25 sit-ups
9 right-legged pistols
9 left legged pistols
25 sit-ups
Run 800 meters

“Pistol” is one-legged squat with Kettlebell or dumbbell. Use 1½ pood Kettlebell or 55 pound dumbbell for pistols. Post time to comments.

9 responses to “Saturday, 03 Oct, 2009”

  1. Russell says:

    I am attempting to update this for Russell and am apparently unable to center things correctly. If you can’t read the workout for today…check the main site until I can figure this out! 🙂


  2. Robert Montgomery says:

    The Volkswagon + Run

    170# Bench-21 Reps
    Pull Ups-21 Reps
    400 M Run (approx)
    170# Bench-15 Reps
    Pull Ups-15 Reps
    400M Run
    170# Bench- 9 Reps
    Pull Ups- 9 Reps
    400M Run

    Time: 15:05

  3. Katherine Berger says:

    Run/KB event: Russell got first by 50 seconds (11:51)
    Brandon Phillips was second 12:41
    Forrest from b’ham was 4th at 13:00
    Kevin lowe was 5th at 13:17
    zak 14:48

    chipper WOD
    Brandon Phillips 6:56
    Russell 7:04
    Kevin 9;11
    zak 12:12

    others to come

  4. Aaron says:

    Used 55# db for first 1/3 of reps, then pistol “air” squats for remainder reps.
    Legs were toasted after running 18 this morning. Wasn’t sure how I’d respond but it actually felt good to open it up as much as my legs woudl allow for the 800.

    Congrats to everyone at Oktoberfest, sounds like y’all are killing it.

  5. Larry Lowe says:

    scaled to 15# weight

    right leg is much weaker than left.

    warmed up with 100 double unders (averaged sets of 15)

  6. James p says:

    17:45 NOT AS RX’D!!!!!

    Never done pistols before. they are my kryptonite.

    way to go on the events guys.


  7. Larry Lowe says:

    actually used 25# not 15#

  8. Katherine Berger says:

    Sorry i did not have times for everyone. Clint and Daniel did well but were not nearby when I posted and i couldn’t remember times. In the end, Russell won first and the others should have results posted tonite. CFHSV kicked ass today and all five guys represented us well in some really tough events!

  9. Kerri says:

    All of the guys did GREAT today!!!! Getting to these local games was a real eye opener, but was also good to get us all a little bit closer…..
    And now, Clint actually knows what some of us look like in ‘real clothes’ outside of the gym 🙂 ….
    Again, GREAT JOB to you all, and AWESOME JOB Russell!!