Saturday, 06 August, 2011

Posted by Mandee on August 5, 2011   |   9 Comments


Row 1K @ 97-100%
25 Hand release push-ups
rest 5 min
Row 1K @ 97-100%
25 Hand release push-ups
rest 5 min
Row 1K @ 97-100%
25 Hand release push-ups


K-9 Igor and K-9 Diezel“, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

The Champions, Rich Froning and Annie Thorisdottir – video [wmv] [mov]


Don’t forget about our Double-under workshop today at 12:00!

9 responses to “Saturday, 06 August, 2011”

  1. Tracey Rauer says:

    BLESSED! Is how I feel after a wonderful 40th birthday WOD party. Thank you Dennis for the WOD and great coaching as always!!!! Thank you to my sweet Scott Rauer for the planning and keeping it under cover for WEEKS!
    A great Crossfit family is truely a blessing…I thank you all for the birthday wishes and planning.

    AND just because im 40 doesn’t mean that I’m gonna get soft! I’m preparing for the masters division. 🙂

    AND I’m really NOT 40 Until Tuesday.

  2. TGIF says:

    Welcome to the over 40 Club…. come Tuesday. Happy Birthday! It gets better with time.

  3. ragamuffin says:

    4:27 / 4:30 / 4:35

    Great programming and coaching from DB.

  4. Meghan says:

    4:48/ 5:09/ 5:38 @ globogym.
    Blew the pacing:( Stayed consistant on rows but needed more rest to finish with quality pushups. But…we opened the practice yesterday so I’ve missed lots of sleep and meals this week:)

  5. Ben says:

    I had a big dinner last night and felt kind of sluggish and gross this morning so I made up my own WOD. I ran 1 mile, did 40 GHD sit-ups (sort of, on my weight bench,) 3×10 (30) bench press @ 65lbs, 20 pushups, and 10 pullups.

    I guess if I was a decent crossfitter I would have repeated this sequence several times, but I felt much better after one run through.

    • Tracey Rauer says:

      Ben, sometimes you just need to do what feels right for you…. on that kinda day! Sounds like a fun wod.

  6. Josh Kennedy says:

    4:31, 4:27, 4:30. Great interval programming, these kinds of WODs help me to work on a weakness, which is learning to get full-out for the specified round; whereas the old runner in naturally wants to keep something in reserve, to never let it get all-the-way out of control. This kind of programming helps to push out that boundary.

    Also pulled the CFE WOD: 5 rounds for time. OHS 185# 3 reps (I scaled to 115#)and 7 burpees. 6min flat.