Saturday, 09 Apr, 2011

Posted by Mandee on April 8, 2011   |   25 Comments

9am Workout-


Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
50 Back Extensions
50 Sit-ups

Post time to comments.

Compare to 100921.

25 responses to “Saturday, 09 Apr, 2011”

  1. Tracey Rauer says:

    Best picture yet! Barrett is killing me 🙂

  2. Eric Hedges says:

    Good luck to all HSV Crossfit athletes today be strong at 11.3. WOD.

  3. KLowe says:

    Watching Russell get 28.5 rounds yesterday was pretty damn inspiring. 10lbs over body weight for 28.5 rounds is no joke! Learned a lot about efficiency in the movement that I’m looking forward to try today. –>Jerk the top part of the thruster.

    Good luck yall! I’ll be there around 12:30 (have to work until 12 : (

  4. Russell says:

    10 pounds over BW? I wish!

    As for my score. Thanks for watching and counting for me Kevin. I’d get 30+ if my head was in the right place. It wasn’t.

  5. Eric Hedges says:

    Great job…. On the subject of this WOD anyone can chime in. I found that the flexibility in my wrist and elbows prevented me from getting the weight onto my shoulders. I felt that the weight was out in front of me putting me on my toes and I couldnt drive through my heels.

    My question what can I do to increase elbow and wrist flexibility?

    • Eric,
      Often it’s not really wrists and elbows, but Lats and weak internal rotators. I would suggest you hit up Jake or Tracey next time you are in class and they can show you some good stretches and mobility tools for rolling out the lats on a foam roller or stretching on the pull-up bar with a band. Also, my favorite method ever is just putting 135 on a barbell, racking it in the front rack position, and taking it on a walk for a while. Not fun but works.

      • Eric Hedges says:

        Thanks for the info Russell I will try the 135 lbs. idea. Hopefully as time goes on my flexibility and form will get better.

  6. katherine berger says:

    As I am validating scores today I have to say I am most impressed with those of you who scored 1, 2, 3, or 6 or 7. It’s pretty awesome to see people do what they most likely thought would be impossible. I am proud of you all for doing what you can and doing your best! Great work to EVERYONE who is competing at the rx’ed or scaled level!!!

  7. Tye says:


    Not happy with it, but it’s what I did. I’ll just keep pushing for next year and hope the next 3 are in my wheel house, otherwise, regionals are a lost hope.

    • Dennis says:

      You did great. Stay focused and keep your mind on making Regionals. Also CFHSV can hopefully field an affiliate team. There are still 3 to go and know one knows. Enjoy your vacation, and come back and hit it hard. You are a great athlete and firebreather.

    • Stay focused Tye. You have been doing CrossFit for a relatively short time still. There is no reason to think you still cannot make regionals.

      We are only 1/2 way through the Open. Thats a lot of opportunity to make up ground.

    • Robert S. says:

      ^^^^ See sbove comments. Get the negative thoughts out of your head and hit 11.4 with intensity.

  8. Larry says:

    11.3 Completed 11 rounds. My goals was over 7.5 rounds, so I’m pleased. The squat was my limiting factor. Going overhead was fairly easy. Looking forward to 11.4. I will be in Marietta all week, so I will have to make up my own workouts in the hotel gym and maybe hit Crossfit Marietta. Great work today everyone!

  9. DaveC says:

    I swallowed my pride today after my 0+1 beating @ Rx Thursday and scaled to 135. Managed to fight through 6 rnds, but boy am I weak overhead. I suppose the way to look at it is to say now I’m 6 lifts closer to handling 165#. As usual, many inspiring performances from my fellow Crossfitters!

  10. Ron Wood says:

    11.3 – completed 15 rounds – slowly climbing my way up from the bottom!

  11. Eric Hedges says:

    Wanted to share that my sister is 4th Regional and 46th Nationally. (Masters). She is the reason I left the global gym for CrossFit.


  12. AJ says:

    26:15 scaled back extensions to barbell good mornings.

  13. Dennis says:

    Was blessed today to remember that a score posted does not always paint the whole picture. I graded Robert S and watched him perform the 11.3 WOD in extreme pain. It hurt me to watch, but he fought through and did great. The pain in his wrist and the way he had to work the bar and arm in a rack position was a balancing act. Also during the Open Competition today so many battled through to get this WOD done. I had an outsider come up and tell me that everybody in this gym puts out and works so hard. Man CrossFit is so much more than a score, it is truly a lifestyle and family of people working to better themselves and a community in all facets of life. Great job everybody. Now get focused for 11.4. Train Hard, Train Smart, Train to Survive! OkieDB Out

  14. Robert S. says:


    Needless to say, I’m not happy with that score, but like OkieDB said it was a tough one for me.

    I have learned a lot in my time with CFHSV, but one thing I told DB today that really sticks with me is something Coach Glassman said. “The greatest adaptation to CrossFit occurs between the ears.” The CrossFit Opens have reminded me over and over what CF is all about. My wife did her first rx’d WOD in 11.2, Stacey Penton overcame a huge mental barrier with box jumps, and people were hitting 20-30# prs on 11.3 This is what it is all about. I love nothing more to see people overcome something in their mind, and put it to practice. I’m proud of each and every one of our athletes, greatful to each and every one of our coaches, and blessed to be able to do what we do!

  15. Russ says:

    6 Rounds even – a 30# PR for me. You’re right Robert,it was all mental.

  16. Klowe says:

    Great job everyone! Hate that I had to work and missed out on the fun with the rest of yall. Jake stuck around for my second attempt. Improved by 1.5 reps. Wanted morebut I lost good form and my shoulders failed. That’s a horrible last 1.5 minutes! I had a better mindset thus time but just didn’t have the shoulders. I’m definitely ok with it being that way. A mental fail drives me nuts.