Saturday, 11 July, 2009

Posted by Mandee on July 11, 2009   |   6 Comments

Ten rounds for time of:
3 Weighted Pull-ups, 45 pounds
5 Strict Pull-ups
7 Kipping Pull-up

For weighted pull-ups place a 45 pound dumbbell between the legs above crossed ankles and jettison the dumbbell after third rep and continue with strict pull-ups and then the kipping pull-ups. Coming off the bar or going to ground constitutes termination of a set.

Post time and number of sets to completion.

6 responses to “Saturday, 11 July, 2009”

  1. Katie says:

    I tried the Crossfit Games WOD #2 – the Deadlift

    Description from HQ Website:
    Heaviest successful deadlift completed lifting one rep every 30sec. Each competitor will begin at the first barbell, which weighs 315lbs for men and 185lbs for women. Dropping is permitted. The athlete then has 10sec plus any portion of the 20sec remaining to set up at the next bar, which is 10lbs heavier than the previous (so the second bar weighs 325/195). Athletes continue moving to progressively heavier bars until they fail.

    I scaled this waaay down: started at 45#

    I ended up completeing 14 successful DL’s, ending at 175#, 10# less than my PR.

    This WOD frlt pretty good. I can’t imagine how it must have felt after that 7K run.

  2. Zak says:

    Tried to do this WOD with a 24kg KB as I couldn’t get to a 45# DB. Completed 4 rounds with 4 sets with a pace of 1 round every 1:30. Started the 5th and couldn’t keep the KB on my foot. Did the 5th round broken and stopped. Then just did 20 straight kipping PU’s and left.

    On the way home I decided to hit the gym here on post to finish the last 5 rounds with a DB. They only have the pull-up bars that are in the middle of the cable machine. On my first set I almost tipped the entire thing over with my kip. It was rocking back and forth with me on it. Did 3 sets unbroken and then my grip started to fail. Finished 5 in under 10 mins.

  3. Jakub Sikorski says:

    25# in 34:00 with 32 sets

    3 weeks ago this was my 2nd CF workout ever and I couldn’t finish it. I did 7 rounds with 8 reps and 42 sets. I am excited that this time I was actually able to finish this WOD with fewer sets.

  4. Garth says:

    Hey guys. Due to weather, we won’t be doing the trail run tonight.

  5. klowe says:

    7.75K run – 39.20

    Now it is Guiness for time for 8-9 rounds.

  6. Patrick says:

    Did this one 7/15/09.
    35# in 24:46 with 23 sets.

    35# DB first 2 round unbroken.
    16kg KB hung on a belt for the last 8 rounds.