Saturday, 18 April, 2009

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Rest day

Neal Boortz-  a rant on “The Less Fortunate”

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4 responses to “Saturday, 18 April, 2009”

  1. klowe says:

    Great post by Boortz but maybe out of context? The “giving it to them (the rich)” was probably talking about tax breaks and benefits. Regardless….I agree with Boortz on this. If you work hard all your life and bust ass then there SHOULD be something that separates you from the people that have taken the easy road. Winning life’s lottery is total BS. One could look at my family and assume “we won the lottery” when the truth is that my Mom and Dad were both dirt poor in North Idaho. They made something of their selves but only through long hours, sacrifice, and smart investing. So in review….I guess you could say “I won life’s lottery” because us kids were all taught a strong work ethic and how to live within our means.

    I’ll admit it also. I was one of the people that was sucked in by Obama’s promises and hope for the future. Now I’m realizing that he is just going to tax the hell out of us and spend our tax dollars to create wealth for the “less fortunate”. Now….who is the government taking from and giving money to?

  2. klowe says:

    i also forgot to mention that I didn’t vote republican mainly due to the clueless dolt they had lined up for VP. That was my tipping point.

  3. Clint says:

    Ah the president game, well you know he is more a figurehead than a true power. When reviewing whom taxes whom remember congress is the real power, the president is the scape goat for when things go rotten.

    You won life’s lottery not because of being poor or wealthy parents but because you had hard working parents whom worked the American dream. It matters little whom is taxed today, they never tax us less the rate is always the same. They just move the rate around the taxing body. For instance if they tax the big businesses, they in turn raise product cost. If they don’t tax them they tax gasoline or raise tax some where else. The income from tax is the lifeblood of the US government, taxes to the US government are like oil profits to Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabie….they must keep flowing.