Saturday, 18 July, 2009

Posted by Mandee on July 18, 2009   |   10 Comments

Rest Day

Apollo 11 Videos

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10 responses to “Saturday, 18 July, 2009”

  1. Russell says:

    Kevin took this photo from our back yard at the beach house in Aromas. Who’s coming next year now?

    I had a call from my Doctor last night. Apparently I’ve been carrying around a mono-like Virus for the last few weeks. It’s the reason I’ve been exhausted and my muscles have been so fatigued and useless. I’m not to do anything strenuous for the next couple weeks.. I guess CrossFit is out.

    I feel very relieved that feeling like shit and performing poorly in the games was not some kind of self-induced over-training mental melt-down. I really didn’t think it was after I fell apart in the 5th WOD on Saturday, but I still wondered what could be wrong with me that would last so long and make me so tired. I guess Virus is the answer.

  2. Courtney Meyers says:

    Mandee and I ran 10 miles today 🙂

  3. z says:

    GHD: 16:29; HPC: 135, 135, 135, 155, 175, 175, 175

  4. klowe says:

    Link for the October Fest Games!…..Get some…..


  5. Mandy says:

    100 burpees 11:54

  6. Katie says:

    I am in Florida for the weekend and missed CF Gainesville’s WOD, so I visited a Globo Gym to make up HPC:
    I started out heavy but with a fails and metal plates I couldn’t risk getting kicked out for dropping the BB.

    Sorry about the virus, Russell. Glad to hear that’s the source though.

    It was great to have Brandon in the gym yesterday. Look forward to having you in Hville.

  7. Brad says:

    No time for the crossfit football work out so I did 30 muscle ups for time 11:41 new pr by close to seven minutes!

  8. Patrick says:

    30 assisted muscle ups for time: 14:57

    Torn something in my left foot last week. Had to take a few day off to let the swelling go down some.

    Almost got an unassisted mu, but left shoulder got hung right in that transition sticking point and I couldn’t get that last little bit. Next time, for sure.

  9. klowe says:

    Ladies….(and guys).

    Be sure to watch the main site video for Sunday! There is a profile video of Jenny Olson a 38yr/old competitor at this years games. To say the video is a tad bit motivating and inspirational would be a HUGE understatement.

    The carnal scream at the end is just worth the watch itself!

  10. Katie says:

    Nice video. I can’t believe she’s almost 40 and Deadlifts 355. crazy!