Saturday, 21 Aug, 2010

Posted by Mandee on August 20, 2010   |   14 Comments

With a continually running clock:
One 10m Sprint the first minute, two 10m Sprints the second minute, three 10m sprints in the third, and so on…until you can’t complete the distance for the given minute.

Record number of minutes completed.

*One foot must step just over the line and you must reach down and touch the floor on each end of each sprint.

In case you missed it- Nike’s Big Butt is Bold and Beautiful

and on the subject of that same add:ย A Little Dose of Tough Love

“I know a fair amount of overweight women who never exercise and who eat too much of the wrong things, and generally speaking, they arenโ€™t the ones with chips on their shoulders about female body image. In my experience, these women tend to be pretty realistic about where the blame lies for their size and shape. They know that they are eating too much and moving too little.
When it comes to body image, the really pissed off women are the ones who ARE actually trying. Truly. But they have bought the boatloads of bullshit on diet and nutrition that leads to empty wallets, snail-speed metabolisms, and fat in the can: Lean Cuisine. Sketchers Fat Burning Shoes. Low Fat/High Carb. 30 mins/3-days a week walking. Wii fit. Yoga for fat loss. Elliptical machines. Fat Burning Zone. Bosu stability training. Ab/Adductor machines. And on and on and on.”

14 responses to “Saturday, 21 Aug, 2010”

  1. tracey says:

    cool picture!

  2. Aaron says:

    Damn, Death By 10 Meters
    I’ve been wanting to try this but did NOT want to do it as a shuttle…this will be fun though. And great video from yesterday’s wod with Dr. Daniel Lieberman. I’ve decided I don’t need Innov-8’s, I’m going do all my runs in my Chuck’s.

  3. Katherine Berger says:

    Awww, this one sounds fun!!! ( and terrible)

    I really really really miss CrossFit ๐Ÿ™

  4. Tye says:

    Did the mainsite WOD that would have come down the pipe this morning at home. Got 1.17 miles/1883 m making sure to glance at where I was at the 20 second mark and walking back to that spot to start the next round each time.

  5. tracey says:

    12 min….OMGoodness…almost met pukie!

  6. Aaron says:

    16 min
    HR max 187; HR avg 167

    This wod was fun even if we did have to do it as a shuttle.

  7. Jake Naumcheff says:


    Not fun on zero sleep

  8. klowe says:


    Always wanted to do this wod. Want to do this one again inn fresh legs. Dennis is a phenomenal teacher and coach!

  9. Barry S says:

    Jake and Kevin ruled today…
    I slopped by w/11 (+ the 25 burpee penalty)

    Dennis, maybe for future penalties like this, start at 70 & decrease by 7 for each additional round completed?? something to incentivize staying with the suck…

  10. Larry Lowe says:

    Crossfit Birmingham

    Today’s Mainsite wod:

    24″ box jump
    Toes to Bar


    Total grinder. Great to workout with a good friend from college. Nice affiliate – good community.

  11. Karen says:

    Did this one twice, at 9 and 11. Miscounted my reps at 9am and did 12 reps when I should have done 13. At 11am, I was able to get 13min+13 (about 7 meters short of 14! UGH! So close.) I think I could get more if I could have done it right the first time. I only had an apple before the 9am class so by 11am my fuel tank was low.

  12. Robert S. says:

    A.M. Did the PC/DL WOD from Thursday:

    PC: 95#-24, 115#-12, 135#-9, 165#-4, 185#-3 attempts = 49
    DL: 185#-3, 205#-8, 225#-5 = 16

    By the time I got to 185 my back felt like someone had beat it with a baseball bat.

    P.M. Todays WOD:

    14 minutes

    I decided this would be a good WOD to break in the Five Fingers. That was stupid. My feet are trashed.

  13. Rich C. says:

    Also with a 25 burpee penalty

    Just missed making 13 mins by one step…great coaching and motivation from Dennis!