Saturday, 22 Jan, 2011

Posted by Mandee on January 21, 2011   |   6 Comments


Seven rounds for time of:

Snatch-pull, 5 reps
Snatch- Balance, 5 reps
300m Run

Post loads and time to comments.

Question of the day: Next weekend is the big day. The first ever CrossFit Huntsville vs. CrossFit Impulse showdown. What does it mean to you? What are you doing to prepare?

6 responses to “Saturday, 22 Jan, 2011”

  1. Christy Bergin says:

    Fantastic workshop today! Thanks so much Jada and your crew! Really good stuff!


  2. Kerri says:

    Great Workshop today Jada!! Just like everything else, it helps to get a concept broken down into parts!! Good stuff!

    Jada’s ‘Blaster’ WOD:

    Clock timer set at 10 minutes:
    Row for 30 seconds/rest for 30 seconds until 10 minutes is up.
    Total meters=1577

  3. Don says:

    Great workout today! First time this old man has strung 3 workouts in a row in awhile.

  4. AmandaJ says:

    Thanks for today, Jada!!! Really good stuff.

  5. KLowe says:

    made up CF Total
    BS 420 (PR by 15)
    SP 195 (15 off)
    DL 495 (25 off)
    1110 PR by 10

    didn’t even try to match old DL PR’s bc form was utter shite today. but who cares. I’m jacked about finally half-way figuring out proper squat form!

  6. Karen says:

    No fun today with snatch balance. Able to do 3 snatch balances in warm up with 85lbs but then when it came time to WOD, I became imbalanced. Wasted a lot of time trying to get under 85lbs in the first round. Fell backwards, fell forwards, wobbled to and fro…finally got 5 balances, so second round Jake took 20lbs off while I was running and was able to really work the technique in the following rounds. Thanks Jake for the great coaching! Keeping my chest up while throwing weight overhead doesn’t come natural so that is a part I really need to work.

    6 rounds in 22:35 @ 125 and 85/65. LIke I said, wasted loads of time (and missed reps) in first round.