Saturday, 28 March, 2009

Posted by Mandee on March 28, 2009   |   16 Comments

10 rounds for time of:
10 Pull-ups
10 Ring dips

16 responses to “Saturday, 28 March, 2009”

  1. Zak says:


  2. klowe says:

    11:24 (I think)

  3. klowe says:

    Did I figure out the gravatar thing?

  4. brad0351 says:

    yes kevin you figured it out. total time for todays workout 13:50. Hands were on fire

  5. Patrick says:

    Wanted to do this WOD at CFHV. But, I was beat after the overnight shift, and hanging around the hospital another 2 hrs until the gym opened just sucked.
    Did this one at home.

    As Rx’d 17:05

    Serious buttercup effort. The dips quickly deteriorated from sets of 10 to 5 to 3 to 1’s. At least the pull ups were unbroken. Tore both hands. Like the song says, “if you’re gonna be dumb, you better be tough”. Today…just dumb. Felt them coming, should have taped.

    Need sleep.

  6. Russell says:

    8:02 – Chest to bar

  7. Justin says:

    20:39 new holes in both hands to go with the ones from two weeks ago…ring dips really slowed me down

  8. Slade White says:

    As Rx’d but not timed. Dips were done on the bar, not the rings. No stability yet. Needed lots of rest and assistance bands to get through them.

  9. Patrick says:

    Whew… 8:02. That’s insane.

  10. Garth says:

    18:54. Have a lot of work to do on pull-ups.

  11. klowe says:

    8:02 is better than everything I’ve seen on the CF mainsite. Russell smoked that summabiatch!!!

  12. James Lambert says:

    33: something
    Did this at Sunday’s workout. Ring dips absolutely suck for me, I could do sets of ten for the pull ups but to get even something that looked like a ring dip was pretty impressive by the end of the workout.

  13. larrylowe says:

    As Rx’ed 18:26 – just need to get stronger on the ring dips. I didn’t fail during any of them, I just had to do them one at a time the last 4 sets.

  14. hg says:

    I showed up 30 minutes early and got started–lapped by everybody–k lowe finished as I was on ring dip 8 of last set ( and he was the last to start.) All I can say is that I finished during the daylight hours. But the Heels won today!!

  15. Craig Herr says:

    Dips 10 rounds (first two on rings to test the arm) next 8 on straight bar. 10 rounds of 10 push up instead of pullups. 14:30 it sucked as I have not done upper body for 3 months but I am geting stronger.

    The litle ball of hates time was nasty!!

  16. thejudge says:

    12:54. those ring dips are terrible