Saturday, April 4 2020

Posted by Mandee on April 3, 2020   |   22 Comments


Click here for WOD brief!

Run 400m x 3 times     E3MOM

(score is slowest time)

REST 3min / Start WOD

For Time: (20min cap)
40 Sumo Deadlift High Pull   75/55   RX+ 95/65   MRX 55/35

40 Front Squats
40 Shoulder to Overhead
40 Pull-Ups   MRX Ring Rows
40 Overhead Lunges (alt legs)
40 Hang Cleans
40 Toes to Bar
400m Run

Flexibility Development

2x30sec Couch Stretch or Modified Couch

2x30sec Head to Floor Straddle Stretch

2x30sec Banded Shoulder Stretches

2x30sec Pigeon/Swan/Piriformis Stretch


Click here for Home WOD brief, movement demonstrations and warm-up!

Home WOD

Run 400m x 3 times  E3MOM

rest 3 minutes

For Time:

40 Sumo Deadlift High Pull

40 Weighted Squats

40 Shoulder to Overhead

40 Rows (single arm or barbell rows)

40 Weighted Lunges

40 Hang Cleans

40 V-Ups or Sit-Ups

400m Run



In accordance with the recent mandates set forth by the Alabama Governor, CrossFit Huntsville will be closed from Sunday, March 29th through Friday, April 17th. 


22 responses to “Saturday, April 4 2020”

  1. Nathaniel says:

    Wow! Great shot Shea and Greg. Y’all gotta a great view and your own PR Bell. Awesome to see this outdoor set up. Y’all keep holdin it down on the farm and putting in work!

  2. CJ VK says:

    Team wod:
    3 rounds:
    60 cal row
    45 T2B
    45 thrusters (95 then 115 then 135)
    3 rounds:
    60 cal row
    45 bar facing burpees

    • Mandee says:

      Nice work CJ ??

    • Nathaniel says:

      VK is fearless. One day after the governor says we’re going into house arrest and isolation he doubles down and does a partner WOD. CJVK is radical in his pursuit of fitness and ya gotta give him his props. You Bad CJ!

  3. Nathaniel says:

    A. 1:32, 1:30, 1:24

    B. 21:45 rx +

    Finished the t2b at 19:16 and went ahead and finished WOD after the time cap of 20min. Don’t know about y’all but that was brutal for me.

    • Duke says:

      Took you 2:29 to run 400m ?

      • Nathaniel says:

        Bout died doin that wod. I would say – I don’t know whats wring with me today BUT there is always something wrong with me on any given day.

  4. Mandee says:

    A. 1:47, 1:44, 1:45
    B. 18:34 RX+

  5. Regina says:

    My “400m route” was more like 600-700m, so I did 3 of those with a minute rest in between…
    3:28, 3:38, 3:37
    Then I rested 3-ish minutes, which was more like 10 minutes because I was tired ?
    I got through 12 of the pull-ups at the time cap (132 reps)

    • Nathaniel says:

      Wow! Great job Regina. That was one tough WOD no matter how ya attacked it. I’m impressed.

  6. Jason C. says:

    A. Did 2min on, 1min rest x 3 on the elliptical machine (had to dust that thing off first).

    B. Got through 24 reps of the T2B but finished in 23:23 @ 65#. Did push-ups for pull-ups, back squats for lunges, and 24″ box jumps/step-ups for T2B.

    • Nathaniel says:

      Outstanding Jason! You’re all over it man. Nice modifications and way to finish it up.

  7. MH says:

    1: 26/1:22/1:21 13:23 RX+

  8. Cassarole says:

    Shew that was a cooker!!!
    Walked to Lee High track (which is right by our house- #blessed) to do the 400s felt like college track days all over again.
    1:31; 1:28; 1:26

    • Nathaniel says:

      Nice work! I know that track had to feel fast after running the green line in the parking lot for so long. Good job

      • Cassarole says:

        It felt good for sure.
        But nothin beats tryin to race Alex, you, and all you fast truckers on that beautiful green line. Puddles and all.

  9. Misty says:

    A. 1:53 – 1:52 – 1:54
    B. 28:58…. I have no idea where I was at the time cap. Brutal WOD that tore me up! Scaled S2O to HPS… resting my triceps for the rest of today AND tomorrow!

  10. Joel says:

    Closer to 30 minutes but I finished! I don’t have exactly MRX weights, so most of this was MRX+. Great workout. Thanks CFHSV for letting me check out equipment.

    • Nathaniel says:

      Glad you’re back in the game Joel! Nice work my friend and way to stay on it.