Saturday, February 6 2021

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For Time: (50min cap)

100 Push-ups

800m Run
75 Push-ups
1200m Run
50 Push-ups
1600m Run
25 Push-ups
2000m Run

Officer James Lowell Capoot, of the Vallejo Police Department, died Nov. 17, 2011, in the line of duty while chasing after an armed man suspected of robbing a bank. The 45-year-old, who lived in Vacaville, California, joined the Vallejo Police Department in 1993 and served as a motorcycle officer, motorcycle instructor, driving instructor and SWAT officer. He received two medals of courage, including one life-saving medal, as well as many other department commendations. Capoot is survived by his wife, Jennifer; three daughters, Jillian, Jamie and Justine; mother, Beverly Sue; brother and sister-in-law, Louie and Susie DeCarlo; and several other family members. He is preceded in death by his father, Lowell Jesse Capoot.




CFHSV Running & Endurance WOD:

800m run, rest 2 minutes

6 x 200m sprint, rest 30 seconds between efforts

800m run, rest 2 minutes

6 x 200m sprint, rest 30 seconds between efforts

800m run



Nutrition Class: Saturday, February 13th: 10AM
Free to all CFHSV members! (Family members welcome as well)


6 responses to “Saturday, February 6 2021”

  1. Regina says:

    55:12 Rx

  2. CJ VK says:

    44:56 rx

  3. Bailey says:

    47:32 rx

  4. Bradley says:

    38:45 Rx

  5. Mandee says:

    Scaled to bike: 2K-3K-4K-5K
    Subbed in air squats and sit-ups each round for the push-ups: 100-75-50-25 of each

  6. JJ Millich says:

    CF WOD “Elizabeth”:
    Squat Cleans @135#
    Ring Dips
    Time = 9:10, RX