Saturday, July 30 2016

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For Time:

1200m run

50 KBS  24kg/16kg  RX+ 32kg/24kg  (MRX 20kg/12kg)

25 pull-ups

800m run

40 KBS  24kg/16kg  RX+ 32kg/24kg  (MRX 20kg/12kg)

20 pull-ups

400m run

30 KBS  24kg/16kg  RX+ 32kg/24kg  (MRX 20kg/12kg)

15 pull-ups

200m run

20 KBS  24kg/16kg  RX+ 32kg/24kg  (MRX 20kg/12kg)

10 pull-ups

100m run

10 KBS  24kg/16kg  RX+ 32kg/24kg  (MRX 20kg/12kg)

5 pull-ups


CFHSV Running & Endurance WOD:

400m Run, rest 1:00*
400m Run, rest 1:00*
400m Run, rest 1:00*
400m Run*
*Must track variance from first run to each of the other three.
REST 3:00
550m Row, 30 Rower Jumps
450m Row, 25 Rower Jumps
350m Row, 20 Rower Jumps
250m Row, 15 Rower Jumps
150m Row, 10 Rower Jumps
REST 3:00
800m Run, 100% effort, rest 2:00
400m Run, 100% effort, rest 1:00
200m Run, 100% effort
– 1 GHD per second of total variance from (A)
– 40 Reverse Slamball Tosses

15 responses to “Saturday, July 30 2016”

  1. Nathaniel says:

    AIR SQUAT!! I’ll take a Bentley any day of the week. They are a rare breed with superhuman ability and drive. Keep workin Bay-Bay!

  2. Mandee says:

    Looking good Bailey! This is just one of many Bentley stud sisters who works hard and throws down every time they walk into the gym! Keep it up dude 🙂

  3. KOBRA says:

    Uh oh! Bay Bay got all the muscles 😉

  4. Haley says:

    Bailey!!! This girl is just awesome!

  5. Brian A says:

    32:43 RX+

  6. CJ VK says:

    36:29 Rx

  7. Justin says:

    31:47 rx+

  8. Caroline says:

    Awesome crossfiter, better sister! Fun trying to keep up with this young gun!

    32:25, scaled to row

  9. Nathaniel says:

    26:24 rx +

  10. Bradley says:

    The Bentley sisters are bad to the bone and as tough as they come. Bailey is just another phenomenal athlete who is always going hard. Keep it up!

    28:57 Rx+

  11. Duke says:

    32:09 RX+
    Put your score in okie
    Remember what you said

  12. Mandee says:

    30:28 RX+

  13. Mh says:

    Great picture Bailey!

    29:46 RX+ brutal

  14. Mac says:

    27:53 rx+

  15. jamie cherrypicker says:

    Bailey! Gotta love the bh47aaby Bentley sis!