Saturday, June 6 2020

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“D-Day” by DB
For Time: 

1900m Row or Run to Beach
44 Over the Bunker (bar) Burpees
19 Deadman Drags (Deadlifts)
10 Climb the Cliff Pull-Ups   RX+ Strict Chest to Bar

19 Sand Bag Bunker Throws (Hang Clean & Shoulder to Overhead)
44 Over the Bunker Jumps (Box Jump Overs can use hands)

10 Climb the Cliff Pull-Ups   RX+ Strict Chest to Bar

19 Bangalore Blasts (Kettlebell Swings)
44 Normandy Grenade Tosses (WallBall Shots)

800m Extract the Wounded Run/Walk* (Walk/Run with *WallBall & *KettleBell)

Barbell Weights=   135/95   RX+155/105   MRX115/75

Box Jump Overs =   30/24″   MRX 24/20″

WallBall Shots =   20/14 to 10/9′   MRX 20/10 to 9′

KettleBells =   24/16kgs   RX+32/24   MRX 20/12




CFHSV Running & Endurance WOD:

3 Rounds of:

800m run, rest 1 minute

4 x 100m sprint, 100m recovery walk between efforts

16 responses to “Saturday, June 6 2020”

  1. Nathaniel says:

    That’s the Train blowing off steam! Cool shot and of one cool dude. Tyler is a true renaissance man with all types of skills that he takes to the limit. He’s laid back, easy going, got a sneaky sense of humor and wit, and he’ll do anything for anybody. Good to his core.

  2. Cassarole says:

    I am so blessed to call him bae ?
    He is the best person I have ever met; in every way he makes me better, and those around him as well.
    Layne Train

  3. Lewis says:

    Just a good dude.

  4. Mandee says:

    To know him is to love him! One of the nicest guys I know ? Keep rocking, Tyler!

  5. Melody Adair says:

    Tyler!!!!! Good guy right there. Keep it up dude

  6. Duk4 says:

    Got 300m on the extract the wounded. But i had a big ol boy to carry.

  7. Justin says:

    26:58 rx row

  8. Regina says:

    Fun wod – I ❤️ a good chipper!
    Roughly 500m on the extract the wounded, scaled to 75lbs

  9. Bradley says:

    My man T. He is as good as they come. Love you bro.

    40:30 Rx+

  10. Nathaniel says:

    37:46 rx+

  11. Mandee says:

    38:53 RX+
    Felt like quitting on that last 800m and I don’t think I could have finished without Regina’s constant encouragement! Thanks Regina, I needed you today!!

  12. Bailey says:

    39:42 RX+
    That was one tough wod!!

  13. Mo A says:

    38:15 rx+ row

  14. CJ VK says:

    42:11 rx