Saturday, March 1 2014

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Good luck to our CFHSV athletes who will finishing up the rowing portion of our R&E Class with a HALF MARATHON ROW today!!



16 minute AMRAP:

Buy In: 1200m run

15 pull-ups

10 no push-up burpees

15 KBS 32kg/24kg  (masters 55 and over 24kg/16kg)

10 V-ups


CFHSV Running & Endurance ROWING WOD:

Half Marathon Row

Row a 21,097 meter time trial

meet at CFHSV at 8am


REMINDER: FREE Double Under Clinic for OPEN Athletes at 11am!

REMINDER: We will be hosting The Open at 12pm TODAY! 

BBOLC is canceled.

14 responses to “Saturday, March 1 2014”

  1. Brady says:

    Damn that’s a nice looking group!

  2. AP says:

    My CFHSV-e Misfits! Excited to see y’all crush 21,097 meters!!

    • Brittnie says:

      I’m excited to crush it, have it done and behind me/us!!! Thank you Aaron for the great coaching and push!

    • CPenton says:

      Aaron just sent me a picture of the rowing crew!!! Impressive! That distance is crazy! Carson, hope those tush pads are working!

    • Nathaniel says:

      Congratulations to all those that completed the row half marathon! Excellent job to Aaron and the CFHSV-e group on their preparation and completion of a grueling test of endurance. Animals!!

    • George C says:

      Thanks for the excellent coaching that prepared us to tackle this row! It certainly wasn’t easy, but I did feel very well prepared both mentally and physically.

      I think all of the CFHSV-e misfits would agree: Aaron is awesome!

  3. Mandee says:

    CFHSV had over 50 athletes perform the Open WOD for record today and EVERYONE got double unders, many for the first time! So proud of everyone and excited to see the rest of our CFHSV Open Athletes conquer those double unders on Saturday! If you’re feeling a bit nervous, come to our double under clinic at 11am. 🙂

  4. David M. says:

    Great work yesterday everyone. Good luck to the rowing crew. That kind of distance is impressive!

  5. Mimi says:

    Good luck everyone today doing 14.1!
    BREATHE! And be smart on breaking up the snatches from the beginning if you need to!

  6. Justin says:


  7. Eric Hedges says:

    I predict Monkey Butt is in order for all who rowed a half marathon.

  8. Tracey Rauer says:

    Very proud of ALL our athletes! Many of you got your first double unders today!!!!! Great work and get ready for 14.2.

  9. Andrew says:

    Awesome work today everyone! Insanely motivating to watch all of you!!!