Sunday, 04 Apr , 2010

Posted by Mandee on April 3, 2010   |   5 Comments

Rest day

Happy Easter!

5 responses to “Sunday, 04 Apr , 2010”

  1. Kerri says:


    A fundraiser that’s taking place in May….Steven Platek is hosting it in Georgia, but wants to have as many affiliates participate in their box as possible.
    We did so well at the Lumberjack as far as participation and raising money, let’s do it again!!

  2. klowe says:

    Happy Easter Everyone! It is a glorious day!

    nice picture…..I miss the old dirtier gym

  3. Katherine Berger says:

    I miss the smaller fitter Katherine 🙂

    • tracey says:

      i know how you feel! not much longer though:) You have the rest of your life to be a hot lil mama.

  4. Larry Lowe says:

    I miss tire flips…

    Today’s mainsite WOD: 14:58 with 25lb dumbells. All I have at home are 25 and 40. I needed something in between.