Sunday, 09 Aug, 2009

Posted by Mandee on August 9, 2009   |   14 Comments

Tag- team tabata ( no pull-up bar in the gym yet)

Air squats, 350 reps
sit-ups, 275 reps
push-ups, 200 reps
53 lb. Kettle bell swing, 125 reps

P1 works for 20 seconds, accumulating as many reps as possible while P2 rests. After 20 seconds has elapsed, P2 “tags in” and picks up the rep count where P1 left off. Once the team reaches the total reps required for an exercise, they move on to the next exercise.

Post partner name and time to comments

14 responses to “Sunday, 09 Aug, 2009”

  1. klowe says:

    This is going to suck! I’m not sad about not doing any pull ups today. My hands are effed after the DL WOD yesterday. Feel like I have little rocks underneath my skin

  2. leah says:

    We did this workout in Destin today in the fitness room in our townhouse complex. We had to improvise pull-ups using one of the weight machines. We made up three teams of our more adventureous relatives and rotated through the exercises. My team finished in around 35 minutes, our timer got jacked up. This workout was a lot tougher than I had thought it would be, my arms are pretty much useless now. My relatives are complaining 🙂

  3. Katie says:

    Great article Russ! We read it last night. Interesting comments on it so far too.

  4. Clint says:

    No partner to tag in so I did 20 seconds of work 20 seconds of rest with 8 intervals of pushups, situps, squats.


  5. Zak says:

    I had Katherine as a partner. We finished in 35 rounds + 6 seconds. Katherine is a stud! She carried me through the KB swings.

  6. tracey says:

    Lauren was my partner. WE did it in 38:09. Thank goodness she was my partner b/c i cant count very well in those type workouts. KB swings….i was seeing stars after first 20sec. interval.(those suck)

  7. Mandy says:

    Katie was my super p
    43/:10. Both @ 20 kgs

    Katie was steady through whole workout and totally carried us through the push ups and kb swings… and the counting f both of those! 🙂

  8. Russell says:

    Me and Josh- 31 intervals and 5 seconds – 24kg KB

    This workout wasn’t very good for us. Twenty seconds was far too much rest to get the intensity up high enough. We basically moved as fast as possible and rarely hit failure… This workout might work for “bigger” movements, like a C&J, KB swing, calories on the C2, Snatch, WB shot, etc.

  9. Katherine Berger says:

    Zak, the only reason I “carried” you through KB was because you more than carried me through the push-ups! I was sucking!

    All in all, a fun workout. Tad hot in there though….

  10. Kerri says:

    47/ :15 w 16kg KB w/Lesha as my pahdna….I think the only thing that carried us through was the fact that everyone else was suffering with us.
    Great workout, was glad to be there on the maiden voyage of the CrossFit warehouse! Gotta improve on time though.
    Great job Dynamic Duo-Kat and Zak!!!

  11. Garth says:

    Started the day with 3 jumps. It was slow out there but hot and beautiful with random puffy clouds to jump into. Left early to get a workout in.

    Stopped into the sweat box to see the pain but decided to do the Rx’d Tabata workout at home in the back yard. I try to pick a Tabata number and hold through rounds (for best Tabata score) and do at least one more than the last time I did it.
    Tabata Something Else
    Pull-ups (on my rings): 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 6, 5 = 53
    Push ups: 13, 13, 13, 13, 13, 13, 12, 10 aargh = 101
    Sit ups: 11 x 8 (PR) = 88
    Squats: 19 x 8 (PR) but it hurt — a lot = 152
    Total = 394 (PR by 13)
    Tabata = 45 (not a PR)

    Looking forward to losing some weight this week in the heat!

  12. Larry Lowe says:

    Garage Gym Workout:

    10 DL @185#, 10 push ups, 2 pull ups
    9 DL@185#, 10 pushups, 4 pull ups
    8 DL@185#, 10 pushups, 6 pullups

    2 DL @185#, 10 push ups, 18 pullups
    1DL @185#, 10 pushups, 20 pullups


    The DL destroyed my grip strength. Pullups were in sets of 4 at the end. I need chalk for my pull up bar. humid garage = sweaty hands. Traveling to ATL all week, see all next week. I’ll post the hotel workouts.

  13. klowe says:

    Where in ATL? There is a CF gym about every 4th mile in ATL. Pretty much all of the ATL people I’ve met have been really cool peeps.


  14. Larry Lowe says:

    smyna – near marieta