Sunday, 09 Oct, 2010

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with a continuously running clock,

Perform as many pull-ups as possible in the first 3 minutes,
Perform the heaviest single power-clean as possible in the next 4 minutes
Perform as many inverted-burpees as possible in the next  5 minutes

Add together your total reps, and pounds from your heaviest single clean, and post that total to comments.

Watch “The Child-Driven Education” by Sugata Mitra, TED Talks.

Post thoughts to comments.

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7 responses to “Sunday, 09 Oct, 2010”

  1. Katieg says:

    Great picture Russ with Coach!

  2. tracey says:

    katie you should do again…its lightly better after knowing how bad it will hurt. Knowing you will survive and cough only 1 lung. Good time reguarless. Never done inverted burpee! Yikes.

  3. AmandaJ says:

    This looks fun! Too bad my legs are dead from Friday…resting today!

  4. Dennis says:

    Hello Patrick,
    I wanted to provide a little information on your question yesterday regarding “I’m still learning about the conjugate method-dynamic day-max effort day-Westside thing.”

    Not quite sure of what you were actually doing yesterday. But if you were performing a combination of both max effort and dynamic method that is not the way the primary intent how they are to be performed. It appears to me you were more focused on the dynamic day.

    Here are a couple of personal notes from the cert (summary not all inclusive) I picked up on regarding the WestSide method (Dynamic and Max effort days) and they may help with the questions you proposed. Please remember these are notes and everything is person, programming, one’s goals, and finally situation dependent.

    First the basic weekly routine for WestSide Barbell is:

    MON = Max Effort Squat or DeadLift
    WED = Max Effort Bench Press or some sort of Press
    FRI = Dynamic/Speed Squat or DeadLift
    SUN = Dynamic/Speed Bench

    This turns out to be 2 days working bench press/press (1 Max Effort/1Dynamic), 2 days working squat or deadlift (1 Max Effort/1Dynamic). They additionally perform Repetition Method, but I can discuss that at another time.

    I will hit Max Effort Method First. You will want to hit 3-5 lifts at or above 90% of your 1RM for your strength that day. Rest around 3-5 minutes between your max effort lifts. Now the key is to perform a different type of max lift, each max effort day, do not always go for a max regular squat or bench (i.e. bench press narrow grip, board press, shoulder press, incline press etc…) Use chains, bands etc.. Just keep a good log book so you know your different max type of lifts.

    Now the Dynamic/Speed Day. Keep in mind this will work based on 3 week pendulum waves. “Westside pendulum wave cycles last 3 weeks for speed and explosive strength and 2 weeks for strength speed work and utilize several special bars with which to establish different maxes.” Louie Simmons

    We are looking at speed strength (explosive) on dynamic days.
    The 3 weeks of dynamic/speed work is 50% of 1 RM on week 1, 55% of 1 RM on week 2, 60% of 1 RM on week 3, then reset. Also remember to adjust to 40-50% of a 1RM with a method of accommodating resistance, i.e. bands or chains.

    Using the percentages above will ensure you do not lift to heavy and slow on Dynamic/Speed days. The key for speed days is bar speed. Also Conduct Box Squats on squat speed day using a big wide stance forcing the knees out, chest up and butt way back, sit on the box for a second while staying tight but slightly relaxing the hips (not the spine) then explode straight up through the heels.
    Here are the Dynamic reps and sets suggested: Squatting: 10-12 sets of 2 reps. Benching: 8-9 sets of 3 reps. For deadlifting: 6-10 sets of 1 rep.

    Patrick this is just a few key notes that I hope helps. Remember I am more than happy to talk about anytime before class or after or even set up a time to discuss over coffee. I love this stuff and am always learning via discussions.

    Train Hard, Train Smart, Train to Survive! Dennis

  5. Dennis says:

    Patrick I almost forgot, Louie suggested as CrossFitters we should only rest 45-60 seconds between sets on Dynamic effort days. We should also complete our Max Effort lifts and the majority of our Dynamic days before we perform WODs.

  6. Ramsay says:

    The inverted burpees were a lot of fun; Thanks Dennis for coaching me on my transitions. Recovery getting so much better, conscious of mental attitude, learned different moves (thanks for reminders of form Tracey) and pushed myself even further than I thought I could go today. xoxo CF!

  7. Brady says:

    Good day! Love learning the something new, and the inverted burpees were fun!

    Scaled with band pullups:
    21 (pullups felt awful,never got into a good rhythm)
    175# max

    total = 220