Sunday, 1 January, 2012

Posted by Mandee on December 31, 2011   |   One Comment

All Classes are cancelled! Have a safe and Happy New Year!

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  1. Dennis says:

    Happy New Year CFHSV Family!

    I wish everyone a very happy and fruitful year. Go out and do great things.

    I always like to start off the New Year with a very tough WOD.

    Based on 7 weeks post surgery and coming back smart, I decided to perform KALSU cut down to 50 reps instead of 100. Pretty good smoker, but realize I have a long way to go. This will be part of my New Year’s resolution.

    I look forward to another great year coaching, training, learning, and most of all interacting with all the great CFHSV athletes. Train Hard, Train Smart, Train to Survive! OkieDB Out

    Happy New Year!