Sunday, 17 Oct, 2010

Posted by Mandee on October 16, 2010   |   11 Comments

For time:
50 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
10 Muscle-ups
40 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
8 Muscle-ups
30 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
6 Muscle-ups
20 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
4 Muscle-ups
10 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
2 Muscle-ups

Chris Spealler 8:27, Jason Khalipa 10:20, Jaime Loera 12:15, Kim Malz13:02 (14lb ball, bar MU), Adrian Bozman 13:11, Kristan Clever 14:05 (16lb ball), Miranda Oldroyd 17:21 (14lb ball), Rebecca Voigt 19:43 (16lb ball). 
Post time to comments.

Compare to 100426.

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11 responses to “Sunday, 17 Oct, 2010”

  1. TashaW says:


  2. Katherine says:

    Ditto! Congratulations Mandee!!!

  3. Dennis says:

    Just signed my wife and I up for the Barbells for Boobs. This is a great event and cause to come out, compete, and support. Thanks Russell and Katherine for hosting and to all CFHSV Athletes that will join in on this terrific event.

    CFHSV Barbells for Boobs on Saturday 30 Oct at 12:00 noon, and throw down on the classic workout “Grace” to show your support for a good cause.

    Sign up fast to get in and a t-shirt. YOU MUST sign up online PRIOR to the event at the Barbells for Boobs website: http://barbellsforboobs.com/

  4. tracey says:

    I’m glad Russells camera was there that a.m.
    4 mile run 36:58. Beautiful day in Enterprise.

  5. Jake Naumcheff says:


    Great job coaching today from Dennis

  6. Karen says:

    Scaled to 2 muscle ups per round: 19:34. Glad I’m still able to do these! Did 5 more muscle ups after the workout to practice and maybe get a little stronger.

  7. Dennis says:

    Bottom Line on today’s Class. OUTSTANDING HARD WORK! Way to work hard and NOT let yourself get comfortable. Gotta love living in the Pain Cave. Thanks Scott.
    Train Hard, Train Smart, Train to Survive!

  8. Kerri says:

    Great Sunday afternoon coaching, Dennis!

    18:23 scaled
    WBS as rx’ed, 10/10,8/8.6/6,4/4.2/2 for mu transition and ring dip on the parallettes.

  9. Tye says:

    16:24 RX’d

    No excuse for the poor performance on MU’s today. Wallballs weren’t really an issue, but the MU’s destroyed me.

  10. Ramsay says:

    Pain Cave- yes I was there. Thanks for your encouragement Dennis! I probably would not have found the strength to finished if it weren’t for you right there with me at the end. For everyone else there today- thanks for waiting on me to get to stretching. 🙂

    Even though I take home the last place prize most days, I feel very strong and excited to be able to be active and healthy. All of you are an inspiration and I’m excited to get there sooner than later. Until next time…

    • Dennis says:

      You are doing Great. Keep it up. Your hard work and commitment today was the inspiration for me!