Sunday, 18 Apr, 2010

Posted by Mandee on April 18, 2010   |   14 Comments

Complete as many rounds in 12 minutes as you can of:
50 pound dumbbell Weighted pull-up, 3 reps
Sprint 50 meters
3 Ring handstand push-ups

Pat Barber 11 rounds. Post rounds and fractions of rounds completed to comments.

This is now the official CrossFit Huntsville cool-down routine

14 responses to “Sunday, 18 Apr, 2010”

  1. tracey says:

    The threesome back walkovers??? now thats amazing? 🙂 soft porn back in the day! LOL

  2. Tasha W says:

    Lol, Tracey!!!!

  3. Katie says:

    everything we do is about functional fitness, right? I’m sure there are plenty of people who’ll put that “function” to good “fitness” 🙂

    I did 4 rounds of 5 kipping HSPU and 50M sprint in about 7 mins. I was able to link all 5 in the first 2 sets. Then a few more HSPU strict pullups.

  4. Russell says:

    As Rx’ed


  5. Daniel says:

    Great job Russell! I see you got some much deserved main site recognition today. Good job.

  6. Karen says:

    8 rounds at 20lb weighted pullups.

  7. Karen says:

    oh …. and wall HSPU

  8. Karen says:

    AWESOME job today, Cole, on an amazing PR on the 500meter row. 1:19! Wow!!

    And great job Russell!!

  9. Patrick says:

    Scaled 12+50m (wall HSPU, 40# DB)

  10. Kerri says:

    7 rounds-SCALED
    KPUs, wall HSPU w/Abmat and weights underneath it
    Think I’m FINALLY getting rhythm and full ROM in hips/legs for legit KPUs without tearing my hands to hell’n back…this, is an accomplishment!!

    • Kerri says:

      Oh, and, yeah, Cole, way to stay at the top of the list on the whiteboard!!!…Great time!
      Still needed you there on Friday to push me through…

  11. Daniel says:

    That wasn’t the full clip. The full clip is much more amazing.


  12. klowe says:

    12+3&25 m run. Thanks to Russell for the push and calling out strict form.