Sunday, 22 Nov, 2009

Posted by Mandee on November 22, 2009   |   11 Comments


Complete as many rounds as possible in twenty minutes of:
25 Burpees
Body weight back squat, 15 reps

Post rounds completed to comments.

11 responses to “Sunday, 22 Nov, 2009”

  1. Justin says:

    5+14 as rx’d at 175

  2. Barry S says:

    3 + 13 squats @135#

  3. LeshaS says:

    3 + 19 as rx’ed (150).

  4. J.D. says:

    3 total rounds +10 back squats, scaled to 115#. Kevin pushed me to go on and finish my last 5 squats after time was up, so I did. My squats still need improvement. My shoulder joints actually hurt also– not sure if this means I was doing them right or wrong. Hmmm… let me GUESS…

    Great job everybody. The burpees were BRUTAL!

  5. Daniel says:

    4+29 as rx’d@185#. Still a little drained after a week off with a cold.

  6. Krista says:

    scaled 85#
    3 rounds +14 (no headache today during WOD for the first time in 3 weeks!!!)

  7. klowe says:

    5+30 – draggin’ ass on the burpess.

    that was awful

  8. Aaron says:

    4 + 36 as rx’d (145#)

  9. tracey says:

    scaled 115# (body weight is around 150) 5 rounds…depth of squat was hard to reach. I had to break it up into 5’s on squats and burpees by round 3. It was a tough WOD.
    I hate that I weigh more than Aaron….im going to Zone for real now.

  10. Emily D. says:

    3 rounds – only used the bar so I could work on form…..still doing those dang “stripper” style squats *grumble grumble*

    Burpees are the devil. I could barely roll out of my bed this morning.

  11. Larry Lowe says:

    at home with no squat rack, so I had to scale:

    AMRAP in 20 minutes
    backsquat 95#, 25 reps
    burpee pullups, 25 reps

    3 rounds plus 5 squats…

    very tired yesterday for some reason. fighting a head cold.