Sunday, 23 May, 2010

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Back squat

The El Paso Miracle” by Radley Balko.

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  1. tracey says:

    Great picture!!!! On another note I lost my phone last night at Amanda’s party…Penelope,maybe you have it???? I will be at class(4:00)

    • Penelope says:

      Sorry Tracey…don’t have your phone, but had a great time last night – we have to do that again soon! Great picture!!

    • Tasha W says:

      LOVE this pic, Sandra! Had a great time last night, ladies, even though I was the typical “go home early” pregger! 🙂 Can’t wait to get back to CF tomorrow after 4 days off! Gonna try to get a run in tonight when it cools down a bit.

  2. Patrick says:

    An interesting article of flawed logic.

    First off, where does he get his information that El Paso (or any other border town) is one of the safest cities in America? Look for yourself: Top 10? Nope. Top 25? Top 50? Top 100? No, No and No. Even if I search for low murder rates, low rape, low assault rates… El Paso just isn’t among the safest (or even in the top 100).

    Second, based on the logic that “high immigrant populations makes cities safe”. The most dangerous cities in the U.S. (St Louis, Detroit, Flint, Memphis, Compton) should all have very low immigrant and illegal alien populations. You know, without “SuperImmigrant” around to keep Metropolis safe from the silly native hordes. Well, guess what. That doesn’t pan out either. Average to above average populations of immigrants in each of these cities.

    It seems that Mr Balko’s “El Paso Miracle” is an apologists smoke and mirrors.

    • Russell says:

      The idea that we could easily link immigrant populations in big cities to a likelihood of crime looks like another example of just how un-scientific the art of sociology is. Mash a few statistics together that appear to show a correlation between your views and real life and call yourself a winner. I’ve just got a feeling that the subject is a lot more complicated than the author is considering.
      He does make a good point when he links to the chart on just how difficult it is for ANYONE to immigrate here legally. It’s really not at all surprising that there are huge populations of illegal immigrants here when you consider

      1. the bureaucracy that stands between them and legal access to the American dream
      2. The lack of enforcement of our federal immigration laws.

      Fixing either one of these would make a huge difference. Both would be great.

    • Patrick says:

      After Hurricane Mitch settle over Central America back in ’98 the good ol’ U.S. sent the 86th Combat Support Hospital into El Salvador to provide humanitarian support. We sucked at the job! Just not what a CSH is set up to do, but the experience gave me a chance to see how a Banana Republic runs. The U.S. embassy in San Salvador would take immigrant visa applications for 5 minutes on Thursday mornings. That’s it, 5 minutes. And the line would be around the block. Some of those folks had been trying for months just to get/return an application. Actually getting a visa was like winning the lottery.

  3. Larry Lowe says:

    Climbed to the top of Camelback Mountain in Phoenix this morning. Beautiful.

  4. Brad says:

    I guess the larger border cities are diffrent than huntsville. Because about 50% of my calls deal with illegal hispanics. I have never delt with one that spoke english or had a drivers liscense. Or was legal for that matter. I SUPPORT ARIZONA!

  5. Todd Mc says:

    WOD as rx’d, trained at matrix.
    Used dumbells since didn’t have a spotter:
    BS: 225-235-245-255-265