Sunday, 25 Apr 2010

Posted by Mandee on April 24, 2010   |   11 Comments

Tag team workout:
Athlete 1 completes the following task for time:

20 pound wall-ball shot, 15 reps
sprint 50 meters
2 pood Kettlebell swing, 15 reps
sprint 50 meters

After Athlete 1 completes one round of this, Athlete 2 is “tagged” and he or she completes a round while Athlete 1 rests. When both have completed the task, one round is complete. Do Five rounds for time.

Post team and time to comments.

Up from Slavery by David Boaz, Reason Magazine.

Post thoughts to comments.

11 responses to “Sunday, 25 Apr 2010”

  1. Kerri says:

    Wish we had a Thumbs Up tab here…nice pic!! Can’t wait til we’re in the new place!! Love team WODs on Rest Days..looks like a good one!!

  2. klowe says:

    WHEN is that thing in the picture going to be completed??? The picture eludes to the probability that we are AT least 3 months away. (September???)

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m excited about a nice, new, shiny, purpose built CF gym….but it’s been awhile since last September.

  3. Russell says:

    3x back squat
    20x ring dips
    Five rounds for time

    9:34 with 315 pounds

  4. AlissaRamsay says:

    my heel is bruised from last week. yesterday made it worse 🙁 rest day today

  5. Robert S. says:

    Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5 reps


    Then for time:
    10/1 9/2 8/3 7/4 6/5 5/6 4/7 3/8 2/9 1/10 reps Pullups/HSPU


  6. Russell says:

    15 hang power cleans @ 135
    15 burpees
    three rounds for time

    as Rxed, 3:04

    should have had sub 3 but posterior chain was WRECKED from the 315 back squats yesterday.

  7. Robert S. says:

    The Games at the Home Depot Center!!! That is outstanding!

  8. Katie says:

    22:31 partners with Tommy.

    This one was much harder than I thought going into it! KBS were heavy!

  9. Patrick says:

    Team WOD: 21:05
    Scaling: Patrick- 50m row / Dylan- 1.5 pd KB

    Today’s article was an interesting read except for the snarky jab.

    (I note that I’m not concerned here with self-proclaimed libertarians who join neo-Confederate organizations or claim that southerners established a new country and fought a devastating war for some reason other than the slavery on which their social and economic system rested; I just want to address libertarians who hate slavery but seem to overlook its magnitude in their historical analysis.)

    Mr. Boaz needs to review his history beyond the basic revisionist text of a high school sophomore. Yes, slavery was an issue in the Civil War. But, it was not the issue leading to the conflict. The North fought to preserve the Union, the South fought for home and hearth. Only 10-15% of Southerners owned slaves at the outset of war. Vanishingly few front line Southern soldiers were slave owners. The emancipation of slaves had very little support in the North at the outset of the war, recall that the emancipation proclamation was an Executive Order signed in 1863, a full 2 yrs after onset of hostilities. Interestingly, only slaves in Southern states were freed, not the North. The emancipation proclamation was an attempt to interfere with the Confederacies ability to wage war, at the time it was not viewed as the moral milestone that we see it today. It was a military tactical move.

    Now, I have no interest in neo-Confederate organizations (whatever those might be) but I do have an interest in an accurate view of American history.

  10. Russ says:

    22:25 – Partners with Jada. Started out with 2 Pood KBs but dropped down to 1.5 after form and technique started to degrade.

  11. Tasha W says:

    Briskly walked the 3 mile course at the Big Cove Greenway with the dogs and hubby. I think my hubby was thinking “Let’s go for a walk” meant a leisurely stroll–haha, poor guy–I was booking it, determined to get my heart rate up a little bit. Was glad to get out and enjoy the nice weather, though, before laundry, yard and house chores took over the rest of the day!